Best belt to carry pockets and boab?

Hey guys, I am currently in the process of upgrading a lot of my equipment and looking for any feedback on what belts you use to hold your pockets and bucket on a belt.

I will be using two unger ergotec pouches and one boab.
The two options are:-
1- unger ergotech belt (this seems to be fastened via a plastic clip at the front)
2 - winspray belt which is Velcro

Here is the link for the website that sells them both Soap National Pockets, Belts & Holsters | Window Cleaning Equipment Specialists

Anyone had any issues using either of these belts? And what do you prefer?

Personally I just grab a $5 belt at Lowes/Home Depot and have yet to have an issue. Not sure what you have out there in Scotland, but I’d check a hardware store.

I use a pistol belt and military suspenders