Best Bucket on a Belt Video

Who makes the best BOAB? What’s your go to BOAB?


I always thought UNGER made the best BOAB and then I watched this video.

The ninja boab is great especially if you are using ninjas, but our go to is the pullex. We use super channels and that fits best for us.

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But I’m glad you liked it :smile: more tipsy reviews in the future


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Next time maybe we will have a beer review too :v:
Question: I change between wide bodied channels and liquidator. Will Pulex be the best then also? I’ve always used the Ninja Boab. But I haven’t really made a active choice.

I use the smaller green Unger BOAB and love it only because I roll with small brass squeegee handles. I could never understand why anybody would prefer a Pulex BOAB over an Unger until I watched this video. Always something new to learn! Thanks guys!!!

I wish Unger would bring back the smaller green version of the NINJA hip bucket.

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Thanks Mike!

Which wide body channel are you using? The pulex fits the liquidator just fine.

Ettore super channels, right?


Sorbo - your hate object :grin:

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Here’s my experience:

Pulex is a good bucket, but their rivets suck. Keep a zip tie handy for when the rivets rust out and break and the boab falls to the ground with water everywhere - then zip tie your attachment belt to the boab.

The ninja boab rivet, regardless of how much it could flop around, just does not seem to rust. I’ve been using the same one for 3 years and no problems. The pulex I’d get maybe a year out of it before the boab just fell off the connector belt.

Ettore, way to narrow - definitely wet leg city.

As you use any boab, keep an eye on how it wears. As it ages, it can and will nick your rubber. Keep a lighter handy and burn down the notches and smooth it on out. I give my ninja a quick flame down every time I change my rubber.

Also, here’s your Ninja fix:

I think it’s this product: Lowes


My favorite is the Unger Classic green BOAB; been using it for years with no issues.

I also have the Unger Ergotec Ninja as a back up or for my temp worker.

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I’ve been using the same hip-bucket for 4 years now (blue Pulex), and love it! After a while, it gets dinged up and starts to nick the rubber, but if you take a lighter to where the squeegee interface is, it’s like new. I’ve had to replace the rivets and webbing after a couple years though.

I also use a Moerman hip-bucket at times, but am used to unclipping the bucket with one hand. The Moerman has a reversed fastex buckle compared to the Pulex, so I drop it if I’m not careful.

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Same bucket for 4 years: sometimes it needs new rivets, sometimes a new connector, sometimes a quick release belt for the connector, sometimes a new body, but it’s lasted a long time.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :sunglasses:


You can still find them.

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It’s still kickin’…


This bucket wore a hole in my first 14" brass channel. I wish I had a pic before I cut it…

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