Best budget hose for a wft

just got my wash it pro and love it. I would like to get more hose for my pole so that i will not have to wheel the cart around so much. however right now i am on a tight budget because of the wash it purchase. what should i do? garden hose? 3/8 bulk hose? 5/16 bulk hose? please help I will need at least 200 ft right now because of the large building i am trying to finish.


1/4 or 3/8 air line

200’ of pole hose could be a nightmare unless its on a reel. Try 100’ of feed hose a 50’ 1/4 rubber air hose with a quick connect to 25 ’ of pole hose. (before it attached to your wfp.

That would be so much easier for you to manage. Who cares if you have to move your cart twice.

Buy the premium 1/4" air hose at Home Depot, it’s the blue stuff. It’s like $40 for 100 feet. You can get a pretty good metal hose reel on amazon for around $50. It will hold 200’ easy. That air hose is tough and flexible. Works great for my rig.

200 feet is because of the roof work I will be doing. I have to climb across a glass arch to reach other side to do an even larger arch 100 feet should do but I don’t want to get up there and be short

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I have to climb over this and run the hose over it to reach the other half of the building

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The builder was a nice enough to remove the lift before I was finished

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This is kind of Like what I have to do on the other side. This one was cleaned the old school way.

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+1. They also have practically the same hose on their site for $20/piece.

Do you guys use a regular quick connect designed for air line to connect the hoses?

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