Best gloves for winter

I have terrible circulation in my fingers, and they freeze up in a matter of seconds during the winter time. I’ve tried glacier gloves, neoprene gloves, etc. and thus far nothing is sufficient. Does anyone know of a self heating neoprene glove or something that’s very effective for winter water related services? Price isn’t an issue.

The key is layering your core up so that the blood from your fingers doesn’t want to leave to rescue the center of your body. Wearing polypropylene long johns and obviously layers on top as well will make all the difference. Then, hustle to warm up :wink: the only thing- if you’ve got inside work after being outside it’s torture to start sweating in layers so focus on adding removable layers beyond the polypro leggings and long sleeve undershirt.

If you do that then 3m thinsulate waterproof gloves should suffice

I just use carhart waterproof gloves and some black nitrile gloves under those sometimes… then take them off when I have to detail anything

Got a link,? they sell a couple of dozen types…

Nah, bought them a few years ago and they’re still alive and kickin

If they’re still in commission after a couple years than that’s a great investment. The $20-$40 3M thinsulates seem to be good for one winter season, maybe two at best.

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joka mitts are great. completely water proof very flexible the liners wear pretty quickly so get extras. dry them each night.

I used an older set of Carhartt winter gloves with 3M and they lasted about 10 years of building maintenance and Skiing use. I will add that they were bulkier than I like for window cleaning. At the time, I worked for a large rental car chain and part of my service was to care for their carwashes. I could stick my fingers in water and they stayed dry with those gloves, just don’t swim with them…