Best gutter guard?

I’ll be installing gutter guards for the first time, and curious if anyone knows reputable brands or makes/styles? The customer said they can get rolls of black guard that would seemingly be easy to install. Any experience or thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Building supply stores sell aluminum with smaller holes pretty cheap. What do you charge a ft?

I’m not sure yet how much to charge it’ll be my first gutter guard job. What’s a reasonable price per foot? I’ve honestly only seen pricing from google…

I’m not a fan of any guards, but if I were going to do them again, I think I’d go with the stainless micro-mesh design. A lot different brands available now. They usually run around $2-2.50/ft.

One example:

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Gutter Glove Pro

Man, do I hate gutter guards. While they may be easy to install, most are a pain to have to clean out under in a year or three. Keep that in mind. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a gutter guard that is 100% effective unless there are no trees in the area.

It also depends on the type of trees there are around the house and the kind of debris that can get in. There are so many different t types of gutter guards with all different price ranges.

I’ve charged anywhere from 8-10 a foot and paid 1.24 for ft to purchase from a building supply store. Average job is $700+

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You have to offer cheap maintenance Of the guards afterwards because all guards fail if they’re not taken care of 1x a year

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