Best ladder stand off for roof access

Hey guys, so I have a Werner extension ladder and a Werner ladder stand off. It looks great for flat surfaces ( like around a window) and it works good if you put it on the roof to clean the gutters. How ever to actually get on the roof it’s not good at all. The ladder is supposed to extend a minimum of 3 rungs over the roof line and with the Werner stand off being it attaches on the very first rung it doesn’t allow the ladder to extend far enough to safely get on the roof.
So what’s the best stand off to actually get on the roof?



I don’t know the name of these but I use 2 ‘U’ SHAPED bars that slide into the side holes of the ladder. One on either side and the ladder sits amazing. 3 feet over and the U bars sit on the roof. I’ll upload a picture when I can tonight.

The Werner standoff that is quick release can attach to any point on the ladder not only the top. Although if you have ladder rungs past the standoff too much pressure applied to the tip of the ladder will kick your feet

JYou really don’t want to use stand -
offs to get on to a Roof. Ya usually get on a roof from the side where the gutters aren’t., but don’t listen to me I’m so use to using sectionals. That’s just the way I work. Never use stand-offs. The ladder max looks pretty cool they have an attachment for getting on roofs

i’m not familiar with the Werner standoff but I have never seen one
the worked only on the top rung.
I like these -
because the go on and off quickly…

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Those are what I was talking about. Same style 🖒 they are great!

Ladder max was a pain and I sold mine. I don’t use a standoff for roof access. Just run the ladder three feet above where you dismount and don’t get crazy

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005 (640x480)

Not saying I would use the standoff like this though, I’m not too much into them.

Would that be safe for shell roofing? I’m real worried when I need to get up on a roof I’ll put to much pressure on the shell roofing and break them. Also does the standoff work with an Werner A frame ladders?

It’s also about not damaging the guttering…
Have had a Ladder Max 10 years had no problems.
Little heavy but when it comes to the rare time we need to use a ladder like that feel much safer.