Best pole if you like swivel action

I’m using a short aluminum Mr. Longarm with a wooden cone for my wagtail. It comes loose after a bit and becomes tricky.

What do you use for a wagtail and excelerator?

I like the pole S… It’s tricky.

I’ll finish with the fact that straight pulls with big channels are faster, and with a proper moist regular, will be as clean without the time of correcting mistakes.

Maybe @marcuswindows can fill you in on what pole he uses for his wagtail or excelerator.

I just use a garlick or an Ettore or Unger pole. During the winter because of the extreme cold here I like wood sticks they dont freeze up.

Yeah good point. I had trouble with the twist lock ettorre. It kept sliding on me when ice was forming in the pole.

Only problem they don’t make wooden extensions if I’m wrong I want one.

Not that I know of. I use a 5 and 6 foot wooden poles, and only break out the longer poles for a few upper windows when it extremely cold.

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Yeah. Only problem on my end I do so much commercial with that pole most of the time I need about 3sections all through the winter. I don’t slow down for nothing,and im just as busy in the winter if not more.

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Using ettore twist lock with wag angle arm and electrical tape to compensate for the helicopter effect. Until I get Moermans stuff.

I have found since i got my reach it mini I just use that with a tip screwed on to either the straight or angle adapter depending on what I need and just take as much pole as I need it much lighter than alloy and you don’t get that alloy dust on your hands.

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I use a garelick pole with an ettore tip with a wagtail handle with a liquidator channel for all my pole work.

I’m in SW Florida, so frozen water (other than the ice in my margaritas) is really a foreign concept to me.


i think that would have to be a diy, it could be done with collars at the end so you could add sections.

I use the pulex pole and it fits the excelerator without a special adaptor. It stays on it very snug. Also works with my wag. Hope that helps !

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@Trad-Man which pole do you use?

I’m trying to find a good pole for most of my applications. I like the speed of my big 24 and above Sorbos, but I find I pull a lot of dry glass on my final pull. It’s faster (for me), but I enjoy fanning with a pole. I just don’t like when the wagtail comes loose on the wooden cone. I have a bigger ettore pole with buttons, but the big squeegee handles get caught on them at the very end and need to waste time popping the thing in with a screwdriver.

Right now I have a 5ft. blue pole, 10’ Mr. Longarm w/ cone, and a 15’ Ettore 3peice. Maybe I’ll try Unger, but don’t know how their button will work with my plethora of gear.


Besides the other pole(s) I mentioned we also use a modified wfp when it warmer out like @Steve076. It comes in handy sometimes.

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Nice. As little as I use my 15’, I may convert it into a resi-wfp rig.

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That’s exactly the size we modified the wfp down to. :wink:

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This is how we use swivel squeegees on poles.

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All my unger poles snap right on to my Wagtail.

All our poles have a Gardiner Quick - LoQ angle adapter on them.
Because all the squeegees, scrubbers ,brushes scrapers etc have been converted to fit the Quick - LoQ attachment.
You can use any commination to use your pole.

This is way off topic but over the years i’ve always tried waterproof gloves(supposedly waterproof) but i’ve always found that the water will always eventually get through them.Is there a winter glove that exists out their for window cleaners that doesn’t allow water in??Any i have used are usually bulky and make it difficult to hold a scrim or towel for wipe downs😢