Best Pole to buy

Looking to buy a new Wfp . Heres what i had in the past: Tucker, too heavy over 2 storys, Old Ettore fiberglass poles, junk.

I still have one tucker pole and a small ettore pole. Heres what I need: 1. Something light 2. durable
3. 55 ft reach. 4. not overpriced.

please reply only if you have currently own a wfp. Thanks

How high do you want to reach Mike?

5 stories

[B]Your asking for a tough combination here:

  1. Something light 2. durable 3. not overpriced.[/B]

You could pick 2, your not really going to get all 3 especially at that height.

If you only needed to reach say 3 stories I would recommend one of the facelifts:

Facelift Flip Lock II Fusion Carbon Fiber Pole 34’

we have 1 - 26 foot Gardiner CLX left: thats very affordable

Grdiner CLX Water Fed Pole 26 Foot

But once your getting into that 50 pole range the price goes way up. If your looking for lightweight and height I would recommend this facelift:

On sale this week by the way:

Facelift Flip Lock II Carbon Fiber Pole 55’

Or if your looking for height and durability check out the simple:

50’ SimPole

what about the Gardiner super lite?

Thats a option as well. But its not a durable pole. Its not super fragile, but extreme care needs to be taken with it all times.

Super-Lite 56 Pole Assembly

Get the Gardiner pole or suffer from ‘pole envy’

I’d go w/ the Gardiner <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“” alt=“” title=“” width=“220” height=“220” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> as long as you won’t have employees using it. At a 60ft reach and 6lb weight it’s what you ant if you have a lot of high glass to do. Especially if you are trying to get away from the old Tucker shoulder burn!

Who actually owns and uses the following poles;
Gardiner super lite
Facelift 55 carbon fiber
Simpole 50 ft

I need to decide soon

I have used all 3 if that helps -

I love my super lite!

Mike look at it this way:

If you want a super light stiff pole get the: Super-Lite 56 Pole Assembly

If you want a extremely durable pole get the : 50’ SimPole

And if you can live with something in between get the: Facelift Flip Lock II Carbon Fiber Pole 55’

Fell free to call me anytime and I can go over specifics of each pole with you

cell 845 987 6915

We also offer financing on these if you are interested.

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