Best Pressure Washer

Hey guys, I have about $450 to spend on a pressure washer. I’m looking for gas powered, and best bang for the buck. Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you for taking the time to respond.

Homeowner use?

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An entry level professional set up will start at $1,500 :neutral_face:

Yep, I asked around and I was told that most people go with the Predator gas powered units, and they’re only about $400.00

You are not going to find anything that can be used regularly for less than 1300. I recommend belt driven, but you can start out with direct drive. If you are bidding your jobs right, you can pay off a $1800 powerwasher after 5-6 jobs.

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If you’re mechanically inclined, the very best you could probably do price-wise is getting a Predator 420 13hp motor and a gear drive Allison pump from EnviroSpec (something in the 4-6 gpm range; anything over 4gpm will require a buffer tank, though). Bolts right together.

You could put together a pretty decent machine for around $800-$1000 that way, including your skid, zk1 unloader and unloader block, and miscellaneous fittings.

But a good pressure washer should pay you back so quickly, as @Kyle indicated, that a few hundred dollars for a more reliable Honda, and a warranty-backed machine, is more than worth it.