Best program to keep track of clients

what programs do you guys use and why to keep track of your clients…

also what are the best apps you use for everyday work

Customer factor. Hands down.

The Customer Factor. Thumbs up.

Pen and paper. White dry-erase board. As far as calendars google calendar.

I probably spend a lot more time than I need to figuring out my weeks but at this point in my business I prefer time vs money for customer factor. I’m sure it’s a great program, everybody recommends it.

Customer factor pants down.


You win

Considering that you are just starting out pen, paper, and an excel spreadsheet would likely be fine. Once you feel like you are getting busy then go with customer factor

I use window cleaner pro.

right on guys! man this site is just the stuff! i def wanna get my name out on here and get to kno you all… im trying my hardest to not be the noob and ask the same questions as everyone else… so forgive me if i repeat others

I’m gonna try to beat Larry (llazcko) to this: Try the ‘Search’ button. Just put in whatever term you’re interested in and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you really want to get your head spinning on overload, do a search on Brett Bailey’s posts. :eek:

BTW - Wanted to give my .02 for one of your other questions (about your partner): Perhaps you could “rent” the vehicle from him, run the whole show yourself, and just let him be a silent partner. ((Not that I think you need one. From what you’ve posted so far, you have a good head about you and can easily do this alone.))

Does customer factor work on the iPad?

We use ZOHO – a comparable. Free (for < 3 users) and easy to use. I definitely recommend it. Used for about a year and found it not only far too complicated but very expensive.