Best Recommendation for Industrial Preasure Washer

Everyone, doing a lot of multi-story hotels and need some insight on best recommendation for PW that can take on the task.


I wouldn’t mind having an 8gpm machine for stuff like that.

Yeah your looking for high gpms. If you already have the job lined up you can rent one and use your profits for a good machine. Pressure pro is a good starter machine. Wcr has some similar machines at a similar price point too. Check out (wcr’s sister forum). You’ll probably get some better responses over there…or maybe not. Use the search feature first to avoid getting short non helpful responses. Consider calling a local dealer. Even if you dont intend to buy from them they can at least amswer your questions. Remember to take everything with a grain of salt…you will be dealing with a salesman after all.

I’ve done two 25 building apartment complexes and numerous other commercial projects with a 5.5 gpm machine. It worked beautifully. That being said, an 8 gpm machine would’ve certainly moved things along. Get belt drive or gear drive. Direct drive is pretty much worthless if you’re trying to pull from a tank. Belt drive and gear drives are better for pump longevity too.

Whatever you do though, run from Northern Tool pressure washers like they’re on fire. Check out

Maybe @TheWindowCleanse can chime in, he has done a lot of research! :wink: