Best Shingle Roof footwear

I try my best to avoid getting on the roof but it seem to be becoming more often than not that I climb on these 10/12 to 11/12 pitch roof to get the best job done during my roof cleaning. I see the Korkers they sell here but it looks like these things would put holes in the shingle roof, anyone have reviews on these.

Google for reviews

I carry a pair of skateboard shoes in my truck just for these situations. I don’t like wearing them every day as IMHO they don’t look very professional, but they are great on a slope!

Try using the shoes that are specifically designed for use in a restaurant kitchen, they have a pretty good grip. Or do like I do and stay off steep pitched roofs

Leather Roofing Boots, Waterproof Roofing Boots from - Cougar Paws

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I use Shoes for Crews Guardian III. Like JCinNJ says, I stay off of steep pitched roofs, but those boots grip like crazy and are very comfortable (for rubber boots)

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A good set of finger nails go a long way in a hairy situation… I know…

Korkers with spikes for shake. Korkers with rubber for asphalt composite. Korkers with foam for metal.

Pressure point got it.

Cougar Paws are the only ones of my choice.


I wear the SFC Evolution. It has the air piston in the heel like those expensive sneakers

They really grip, but in Florida, they pack and track pounds of sand in. I carry low top chuck taylors or have to wear shoe covers inside

Vans waffle grip shoes, best shoes for everything I do anywhere and everywhere. Work and play related.

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If you don’t have Cougar Paws then you are missing out.

They make a 9:12 roof feel like a 6:12!

Well worth the money. Korker’s version are much cheaper and lasted me for a couple of jobs. This lasts and lasts (months). The boot has lasted for hundreds of hours.

At the moment these are the best I’ve found. (Pic below). Dr. Scholls. They work the same as some black Reeboks I’ve found with a small zig-zag tread. They give the absolute best traction on shingle roofs.

Sadly I’ve never found a boot/shoe with this good of traction, while being waterproof AND lightweight. I may pickup some Cougars if they’re light…

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Cougars Paws!

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Alex knows roof walking

Cougar Paws has an estimator version which is probably lighter but I do roof cleaning so I go with their peak performance (a full boot).

Those shoes look like a good option for roof work that’s quick and not too dangerous.