Best Skate Shoes

No, I’m not going to use them for skateboarding.

I’m just curious what brand the guys recommend who use them for working on roof tops. Looking for something that looks good (professional as possible) and has really good traction.

There’s a website called Zappos, they pretty much sell every type of shoe on-line. I was going to order some up but wanted to consult with the experts first.

If anyone can provide a good link, that would be great. I have big feet, size 12.

Also, do you use yours for everything else or just “roof tops”?

Thanks in advance.

Everett I am rocking these now. And yes I do also use them for skateboarding.

Oh and Zappos rules you can get anything there. They also have free unlimited returns if they dont fit quite right.

Thanks Chris!

Those look allot more comfy than my steel toe boots I’ve been lugging around too!

I typically use plain ol’ sneakers (running type), but on roofs with a steep pitch, break out the Korkers convertible sandals:

I purchase at Supply (Tom is world-class), Livermore, CA:

I like the concept!

Safety needs to be more than a concept!

I agree, safety needs to be the main concern.

The thing I like the most about it over the skate shoe is that it looks more versatile. In addition to the optional roofing composition sole that works similarly as the skate shoe’s, there are two more to support the other roof types. Almost the same price as the skate shoes as well. A little more with the options. Seems like it would be worth it.

I’ll be getting some of those DVS skate shoes this spring. In about a month I’ll be in my boots for the winter so they would be sitting around in the box all winter anyway. Thanks for the tip Chris. Nice blog on them too!

i used to use skate shoes, but now i wear safety shoes…they have surprising grip, and if the rook is too steep, i dont take chances anymore…i have a small family to provide for so i dont like to risk too much. but there still isn’t many roofs i will refuse.

I personally won’t go on a roof that has a pitch greater than 7/12. That’s 7ft of rise for every 12ft of run. It just gets to dangerous when you’re coming back down to the ladder.

Do any of the Korker soles work on tile (concrete) roofs?

So your an old school skater punk!!! LOL

this must have been like one of the first threads on wcr with that thread date

I’m rockin these baddies right now :slight_smile: I dont skate either, but have a skate shoe fetish lol.

LaKai’s work great, NSS grips well. I switched a pair of Osirus’ over from civilian to active duty last week, but i didnt like the way they gripped the roof.

Nice the new Nike SBs are super tight.

“super tight?” What does this mean, sir? Do mean they particularly well grip onto your “toe-sies?”

It means they look hot, feel good, and skate well.

Maybe you should buy a larger size if they are tight.

Walmart brand skate shoes hold up good. I had the all black pair even wore them at the firehouse during the summer. Skate shoes are comfortable and are made to provide stability if the roll your ankle.