Best solution starting out

Ok, ive seen most people just use dawn, but what ratio? Also somewhere ive seen use dawn and vinegar? Whats the best solution to use?


Just a heads up people will not like you asking things that can be found in the search bar. Also your solution is not gonna make or break your business. You must know how to manage a customer list, pay attention to taxes, know your overhead, communicate well etc. This is such a tiny question that newbies see as a huge deal. Put a gallon or 2 of water in your bucket and squirt dawn in there until you get the amount of suds you like. It is not a science project and you will soon learn about how much you need. Put water in a bucket and do a quick soft squeeze. Don’t get focused on solutions, focus on how to run a company.


Dawn sucks. Don’t use Dawn.

I use Dawn, I love Dawn. Had a ex-girlfriend named Dawn, too. My sister’s name is Dawn!

Joking aside…it’s all I use. 3x concentrated in the blue bottles. Add in some vinegar to slow the drying down…good to go. 5 gallon bucket I just do a good 1 second squirt, and add a little bit of vinegar.

I bet you ask 10 different window cleaners, they will tell you 10 different solutions. Work with what you like, test a few, you can’t go wrong

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My personal favorite is called Ecover but realistically Ecover, Dawn, Palmolive, Glass Gleam, Unger Glide, they all work. I really think dawn platinum with rubbing alcohol has a great shine/slip but you have to be careful because dawn platinum is easy to add too many suds and make for long detailing. Glass Gleam has terrific shine but poor slip. Gain sucks, you can use a whole bottle (sarcasm) and barely get suds.

Yeah I stay away from the Platinum, in the gray bottle. LOL funny story, my buddy who I help out here and there when season is slow always uses AJAX…and a TON of it (literally, I can never believe it-- but then remember…it’s not concentrated much at all)-- He grabbed my Dawn 3x and put almost 1/4th of the bottle (the ones you buy at any store for like 1.56, 16 ounces maybe?) not knowing it’s concentrated. LOL…sud city.

I had to pick up a bottle of the 2x Green yesterday since my local supermarket was out-- I do not like it at all. For whatever reason, the 3x Blue Dawn works the best for me.

The dawn platinum has a very good shine in my opinion but easy to mess up. I just do a soft squeeze and sometimes I have a little extra or a little less sides for just right but it’s enough to do the job. With dawn platinum you literally need to figure out exact measurements

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Another cleaner I know swears by Joye-- I tried it once, barely any suds at all-- but again, it’s whatever works for you. I would say it’s up there with squeegee rubber preference. I would try some store brands and maybe order a tester of some of the cleaners they sell on here-- that way you could get a good feel for what may be best for you.

closer to 10 different cleaners and 2 3different solutions! Winter, summer. hot summer, humid fall…

Start with one-two table spoons dawn 3x per gallon, and adjust from there. I use 2-3 second squirt of dawn 3x and about 2 tbsp of gg4. I also need more slip because I use the liquidator, so likely more soap than most. If you use too much though it will leave residue and be a pain to detail, especially once its dried on the window on a hot day.

Everyone has a different style of cleaning to some degree, rubber, squeegee, preferences, and all the weather factors such as sun, rain, temperature, and humidity affect your mix. Type of glass can also affect it. I have run into some new commercial glass that had some type of film/residue in the glass pores that made the glide crappy and streaked like crazy.

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