Best squeegee for poling

I never pole and need to start. Whats the best squeegee for the job. I am thinkng of a ten by ten I have next month on the second level, residential. Informational videos would be handy too if any come to mind.

I have been gone from the site for a while, there are some good heads here, thanks.

Hi Kevin. I’ve been pretty successful with Ettore brass squeegees, usually 18 or 20". However, if the window is 10 feet wide I’d probably use a 24" wide-body channel with a swivel handle. I think the key just as much as the squeegee you use is to have the handle and pole tip good and tight, the pole extended at a length that will allow you to have good pressure and good angle of approach. This will vary for everyone. Also the wetter you can get the glass, the better. You may need to mop and squeegee 2 or 3 times to get a good final result.
And then there’s an ever better squeegee alternative- the wfp!

I think an Ettore Super System handle is a must have. The angle is great for poling and it swivels. The angle is more than standard brass Ettore handles.

Well My job yesterday I decided to try to pole the entire except for one window. I used the Unger Ninja and was very please. I was able to adjust it how I needed and as for detailing and wiping the edges there was little to none needed. I dont know if I got lucky or not but it cut my work time and I finished a lot earlier than expected. I am sure there are other squeegees that will be great to. Just I used the Ninja and it worked great.

I like the Ninja for pole work as well, but I would use a WFP and backpack on that one window.

Thanks for the tips everyone. I do have the inside to do also so wfp wont work for that.

I’d suggest a Ettore BackFlip.

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I had always favored the so rbo squeegees for poling but have been using the Ninja 18 & 24 inch squeegees and like them every bit as good. The Ninja actually leaves less detailing than the so rbo when poling.

Howdy Kevin,

I’m Dangerous …Good to to see you back mulching again !

I prefer [B][COLOR="#4b0082"][SIZE=“3”]ETTORE[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B],But I also prefer it in the stainless steel channel @ 20" or 22", included with a Pro Grip.

I really don’t think it’s so much the brand or super size, I feel that ability and experince has a bigger aspect to our industry which includes doing pole work…

Doing pole work is just another process and applying processes takes a little time to garner !
With some it takes a while with others it happens instantly. For me it took a while until I was able to put all the techniques together,but I do have the proper techniques to blast it now !

Checking out a video would be a good beginning but in the field training will be the tried and the true way of developing the processes, ergo… training !

So how long have you been a cleaner ? I wish I had a video for you but I haven’t made one of those yet but I think I’ll put it on my list.

All a pole is,is an extension of your arm when you do straight pulls, Just apply your straight pull processes to your pole as though you have alien arms.

OK Kevin on the Heap…Be safe and good luck !


Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Window Cleaning Videos for Beginners: Using a Pole

I favor the Wagtail & Wagtail adapter these days.

Yer I agree with karlosdaz
I generally use the 18" for big windows and 12" for the smaller.
It seems to work best with the Wagtail angled adapter.

Everybody who does storefronts should carry a Wagtail angle adapter. Turns a regular squeegee into a ledger in 2 seconds. I carry mine in a pocket on the leg of my carpenter jeans. Only costs about $5. Comes in handy when there is a deep ledge at the bottom of the window. Makes closing out a breeze.

For standard size windows my go-to lately has been wagtails but man do I love the Ninja. I seem to like it more everytime I use it.

Also +1 on the wagtail angle adapter. It’s like a mini pole that fits into your pocket.

I stick 3 together (reversed) to form a small pole, saves carrying a pole around.

I recommend the Ninja Squeegee for pole work. Unger got it right. It has a great feel and does quality work.