Best squeegee

hello I would like to know what is the best squeegee for you … thank you

Unger SPlus Chanel and a Unger extra long handle.
Ettore brass with ledge EZE handle

thank you

Use ettore rubber for both

Sorbo cobra with Ninja handle


ive been using my sorbo in a ninja handle and am really liking it. im 99% commercial pole work i love wagtail. red rubber lasts long time and doesnt shred like moerman. and i can dive bomb edges with no problem

For resi, I like Unger SS channels and ergotech long handles. I like wags too.

For commercial I like Alumamax channels.

I’ve tried the Pulex technolight handles and channels (ss) and they are ok with me. Just like the unger stuff.

before I work unger ergotec but I tighten the screws ecrou is it does not work … so I buy ettorre brass

Its so hard to say what’s the best…I really like sorbo channels with brass Unger handle’s and use them on both residential and commercial.

i like ettore

Personal preference really. Long time Sorbo 3x4 user, never could get used to brass channels.