Best starter surface cleaner?

Looking to get a surface cleaner. Want a small one to start out with. Witch one is the best? 21" and smaller.

GP Hammerhead?

I have a 8gpm 3000 psi unit.

If you use anything smaller than 26" or so with an 8gpm machine, you’ll need weights to keep it down . . . which I, and others, do. The Whisper Wash Classic is great and the BE Whirl-a-Way are very common floaters. If you will be using hot water, you’ll want a swivel rated for it, such as a Deublin.

That Swivel is 400 by itself FYI, as a beginner I would stay away from expensive Landa Water Jet. But if you want to have the best then spring the 1700 for the unit. Of course if you washer only cost you 400 don’t waist your money.



I keep two things in my arsenal: A rotary nozzle ($90) and 22" Whirl-a-way with casters (~$500?).

I have a 4000 psi, 4gpm unit and they’ve been awesome. Rotary for the moss and the WAW for the general debris. The WAW took me from 200’/hr to 600’+/hr.

Get something that’s rated to work well with your unit - if you’re looking to upgrade your unit, take that into consideration when you buy your surface cleaner.


Oh, and the bigger the Surface Cleaner, the better. I bought the one that would be the most versatile an could get into the most spaces but still being big enough.

The smaller the cleaner, the more passes you’re going to have to make to get the job done = wasted time.

Not true for ever situation. You have to watch and not get one that is too big for your unit. 22" would be about max for a 4gpm unit. Way to much The Whisper Wash? Maxima’s 36" diameter aluminum cover provides maximum surface coverage. The four pivoting wheels allow the operator to easily guide the cleaner while the heavy duty nylon brush ensures that the high pressure spray is confined to the

The general rule of thumb is 4 inches per each GPM. Of course you can go smaller, and there are good reasons to do so. Unless you’re doing a parking garage or a large flat surface, a 30 inch surface cleaner is going to slow you down. I have an 8 gpm machine and I use a 22 inch BE surface cleaner with wheels. It was about $550. The hammerhead surface cleaner, being as lightweight as it is, would not stay on the ground.

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