Best Way To Clean These Windows Behind Overhang on Storefront

Hey there, TIA.

I have a CCU I am bidding on and there are these windows that have an overhang in front of them. I am wondering the best way to clean these without a WFP. Ladder against overhang and Pole it straight with 10 degree angle, can I stand on that and be safe? It’s a ccu so I’d rather be nose to glass.

You might have to contact the owner of the building and find out from them/an engineer if it’s made to stood on.

It looks sturdy enough from here :slight_smile: I agree with the previous comment, check with owner. Building owner not store owner.

Thanks yall!!!

If you can’t get a hold of the building owner you could ladder up from each edge of the overhang (ladder mits to prevent marring). We would white pad them like crazy, squeegee them off, then attach a nagic eraser to the end of a pole and take off silicone etc. Then finish them off regular. Its not ideal or very fun but might help if you can’t actually get on that overhang.

Thanks for that. The owner’s husband is an engineer who said it’s rated to walk on. The sign guy got on it and he’s 100lbs heavier than I am.

I will definitely keep this tip for when I encounter something that I CAN’T stand on!