Best way to remove stickers?

For my 5 years of window cleaning, I have removed stickers using soapy water and a scraper.

Is there any good way to loosen up sunbaked stickers? And sometimes old stickers leave a trace of stuff that can’t be scraped off? How can I remove the residue of the sticker, and what are the based way to loosen them?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Goo Gone or Oops! you can find them in the paint department of WalMart, Home depot and lowe’s

De-Solv-It ( works great – check hardware stores (I know Ace sells it and DS&C.)

Spray on, allow dwell time, scrape off, clean area with your normal method.

Titan Oil-Flo ( also works great.

Hey Mike, get in contact with Turner Clean. (Ed Turner) He has some stuff that will dissolve those stickers and sticker residue like nothing.

Just thought i’d mention one of my favorite chemicals…thats right “Safe-Restore” spray it on allow adequate dwell time blade it,white pad it whatever!

Also…cuts through over spray like a hot knife through butter;)

I hate using SafeRestore indoors.

Remember to protect yourself, your surroundings, and others while using a product such as SafeRestore – inside or out.

Thanks Mark,

Turner clean, do you want to pm me with that info?

Alcohol or WD40 both remove goo and all kinds of other sticky stuff!

White spirits , mineral spirits, will remove the residue or sometimes just scrubbing with a damp microfibre will do the trick

Thanks for the plug Mark,
Yes, send me the info Mike, I will send you a small sample to try. I have two actually;
1st is a all natural degreaser which dissolves lots of clear sticky tape as well.
(I cleaned the inside of a coffee time and a Chinese rest that had not had the glass cleaned in about 5yrs… nasty stuff that is… )
2nd is a graffiti blaster which will melt away paint from the glass, bricks as well as carpet and fibers. Spray on wipe off.

Mark, send me your postal info as well and I will give you some graffiti for a sample as well, thanks for the little promo :slight_smile:


Ed, I sent you a pm. Could you also send me the graffitti blaster as well. If it isn’t too much trouble??