Best Website Devloper program

I’m just working on writing a website, and I want to know what’s the best program to use. I downloaded a free trial of Adobe Go Live - and found it very user unfriendly and difficult to use. I’m currently downloading Adobe Dreamweaver so I’ve yet to see how I like it. I have a basic knowledge of html since I wrote a website from scratch in the past with just writing html code.

What do you guys use and recomend? Does it have a free trial?

i use web page maker. it was the easiest and have microsoft expression web, dream weaver, flash mx, flash 8, i have all of those expensive programs i thought i needed till i found out that i have to have a degree to use it. i am no programmer and am no designer. so i found web page maker the one for me.

check out my site and see what i did. its not much but it does the job and has made me thousands in new revenue for my cleaning business.

Not to take away from those of you who are DIY’ers its all good,however if you want to get with someone who knows website design & maintenance i highly recommend B.A. Autery he’s done a bang up job on several sites including mine which…i have been told is a “bangin site”

Reasonably priced & great support truly worth the price

Mike do you have a PC or a Mac?

FYI…Your website isn’t listed in your google maps listing

If you don’t mind not having the flexibility of full HTML and want a flash web site(has it’s cons, like needing to have flash software for viewing, but who doesn’t?), I recommend

You get to build your own site, which I love, because I change things on a whim, don’t need to make any phone calls and I get the satisfaction of knowing that “I made this”.

It not only has a free trial…it’s free for life if you don’t mind the adds. Otherwise it’s about $4 a month. $4 not $40!

mikep: If you have basic hand-coding experience, then by all means go with Dreamweaver. I taught myself how to use it, it’s not that bad. Of course, I don’t know how to maximize a lot of its features, but you don’t need to know in order to create what you need.

I made my company’s website myself, with no training or experience. Just “html for Dummies” - an awesome book for this kind of stuff.

mike if you use a Mac go with iweb, its super user friendly

Eric does that come with the mac… if not what does it cost? do you need to have a .mac account?

Cool, I downloaded a trial version of dreamweaver so I will see how I like it,.

i got a pc.

btw thanks for all the posts so far

Chris, I don’t think it comes with the mac…id have to ask my wife, but as with most mac software it will cost, but it will run seamlessly.

My suggestion though is do not recreate the wheel. go to the following link they have over 2080 free web site templates, I’m sure you can find one you love then use Dreamweaver to manipulate it. If you have an understanding of html or xhtml, you’ll have a web site up and running in no time.

Anthony, thanks for the link, it seems like a good site, might give me some ideas for my site.