Best window cleaning shoes/boots?

I am in need of some new shoes or boots. I was rocking some low hiking shoes that were slip ons which was great for going in and out of customers home’s. Tell me what to get…!

I have worn Shoes For Crews for a while, I wear slip-on shoe covers when going into a customer’s home

I rock work boots, die hards at the moment, and booties over them for interior work.

Goretex merrells. Waterproof and the vibram soles give great arch support for standing on ladder rungs.

Goretex merrells are the best. And they will last forever

Rivet-Man are you speaking of the SEARS DieHard…? Those are what I wear ! Great boots !

Gregoreo…I looked those up, man they are way, way, expensive, not one below a 100…

I got some Crocs that look a little like suede. Just slip them right off to go inside. Works good on ladders and getting them soaked is no problem. I can run around comfortably in them all day.

I am all about my waterproof North Face low hikers. Also the Merrell waterproofs are good. Depends on the day really, sometimes the jobs call for boots (pressure washing) and sometimes they call for running shoes (storefronts). The day never, however, calls for Crocs. =0)

Salomon shoes are the best IMO

Dange, yup! They took awhile to break the inserts in and they have me a ton of blisters, but they’ve been great! Not too heavy, and they’re holding up as well as my other boots. I’m rough with my boots, if I have to baby them they’re no good to me. :cool:

I have a buddy who runs a garbage company, and he swears by these. Could you mention a few benefits for window cleaning?

My choice for summer work. Sturdy soles for ladder work, slip off easy for inside work.

I bought a pair of North Face boots last year at this time off of Sierra Trading Post that felt so good I bought 3 more pairs (on clearance about $50 pair). They aren’t vibram soled which works well for me. The softer rubber grips really well on asphalt shingles but are stiff enough to be on ladders all day. Soft classic suede style, I’m going to be sad when I wear out my last pair.

- YouTube That’s what I’m using. Very ligth

I have these too right now. Dange turned me onto them. I fortunately didnt have any blister issues. Love them. They keep my feet dry too unless they really get soaked. Flat soles are great on roofs, but they slip and slide in the snow. I was helping a buddy at a construction sight and snow was on the ground. I was on ice skates. But that’s not the shoes fault, I shoulda worn something with a lug sole.

lately been wearing Brickers shoes, cheap as chips , good grip , these have taken a real winter beating and have survived,just!

Steel Cap boots for outside. Bagged clean Merrill slip on for internal domestic. Never stocking feet or slippers inside, In the event of an accident Occupational Health and Safety would come down like a ton of bricks…

merrells for me as well

The ones I buy are for trail running and they are extremely durable plus since I’m flat footed they have pronation control which is nice.

and the best thing about them is that they look awesome.