Best window cleaning sites

Hey there. I am currently working on our website. Actually a friend of mine is doing the real computer work and i am giving her the content, layout, photos, etc.

Anyway, i was wanting to check out some examples of what WCR Forum members consider to be some of the best wc webistes that you know of.

We don’t plan on copying anyone’s site , but just to get some ideas and some good sites to compare against.

Thanks to all who contribute here!

-christopher t, Let there be Light

Just off the top of my head:

panelessperfection, windowman, chris, thelegendofdoug, starbrite, mike draper

I know those guys have some pretty cool sites. Sorry I don’t have the individual web address for them, but just enter those user names into the search feature on this site. Their websites will be listed in their signatures probably. Don’t look at my site.

I’m still on the “inspiration” part of my website development.
Google, google and google some more.

Don’t make the common mistake of using someone else’s pictures, generic pics are “alright” but better generic than stolen.

Did you check out the “links” section of this forum? Most who contribute here have links to their sites there.

One of the best I seen- Window Cleaning for Your Mom | Gift Packages | Serving the East Valley Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa, AZ

I am not talking about the wording. I like the concept and it
certainly stands out. This site is geared for response.

I should ask Curt to do a site for me (my wording of course :D)

Yup, Curt has some sweet action on that one.

I am currently in redevelopment myself, too.

One major suggestion: Don’t forget incorporating video.

Yep. He did mine. check it out:
I’m already coming up with some new ideas for him. He’s good.