Bid Package

I am mainly residential, but was asked to bid a couple of big car dealerships in the area. so here is my question:

What do you include with your bid?

I’d like to give a really good impression with the bid, but don’t currently have anything put together, as I am 95% residential and don’t do anything elaborate as far as bids go.

Is it the one company which owns all dealerships?

yes, same company owns both, they are across the street from eachother.

I suppose all you can do really is submit a bid as you would as with any quote.

Include details and break down of expenses plus tax so the dealership knows excactly where they are in terms of payment.

To fill in the gaps i suppose you could calculate their square fottage of glass and give the quote in that context.

Maybe add a significant discount incentic=ve on the condition that yhey also employ you services to wash their cars each week with your wfp if you have one…this may sem to them to be a little bit pushy though.

Printed bid of course…i have seen some really good examples in the downloads section, i forget who from though.

Remember presentaion counts for alot, so why not stick the bid in a nice neat folder with your logo embroidered/printed on maybe.

Deliver in person i would think is better as you will be remembered asthe guy who bothered to actually drop in.

Sounds like a nice account to get

Doug contact me at [email protected]

I will give you a 3 page bid form that will leave the dealership or any home owner breathless

just another reason why you should not need to advertise after you have been in business for at least 2 years…

Doug, it be Ok to contact you too? I have a couple car dealerships I’m looking at and have talked to breifly and I would like to put together a “breathless” bid form!

Hey other Doug (thelegendofdoug), how did they hear about you??? did they call other WC’s for a bid too???

Doug you have some mail of mine…

I asked a friend of mine who owns a really large 7 figure lawn cutting service, this very same question. He told me he keeps it simple.

"Thank you for having the confidence in choosing [insert your company] for your window cleaning project. Your project cost are as follows:

[insert quote]


He says he does well with it.

Here’s a template that I’ve used with good success.

Incidentally, I’ve obtained a number of car dealerships here in Toronto using this or a similar approach.

I’m not sure how long I’ll leave the link up, since this is something I’ve shared quite selectively until now.

Here’s the sample proposal link again

I’d recommend that everyone download it and keep it for future reference.

I make no promises as to the legal performance of its various elements, but hopefully it can help you get your juices flowing.


That looks great! I am going to use some of the ideas you brought forth with that proposal in my very next bid.


I stole my ideas from Jeff Klass, owner of First Klass Window Cleaning, President of AUWC, and purveyor of goods from Supply. He posted some of his work on his own website, which is where I got it from.

I am going to attach a proposal that I made from his example and modified with my own information and specifics.

I hope this helps. Good Luck.LCS Service Proposal.pdf (355 KB)

Here’s another one.

By the way, I got both of these jobs from these quotes. They are both signed to a three year deal with increases in price included in the bid and contract.

These two buildings were two that I wanted to do but had no real contact with. I did a walk-up style cold-call. I asked for the right person, set up meetings, and bid a fair–yet lucrative–price for both.

Cha-ching. Done deal. Money in the bank.Hampton+Inn+and+Suites+Service%2bProposal[1].pdf (306 KB)

Breathless bid forms! I’m a new start up and would appreciate any and all knowledge and wisdom your willing to bestow! I sent you a friend request

Thank you,


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“The Legend of”

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