Bidding apartments

I think I may be losing alot of commercial gutter cleaning business do to price. I charge typically 1.00 a Linear ft. for residential. What or where should pricing be for big apartment complexes?
I am meeting the owner of the largest apartment community in Oregon tomorrow morning. By guessing there is maybe 30,000 linear ft of gutter in this development. Any ideas?

Make sure your understand all their requirements (hours of operation, removal of debris, time frame, etc.)

Safety is Job 1 (apologies to FoMoCo.)

How big is your crew?

Two crews of two right now with myself running the bidds and picking up the small stuff.
I will be picking this guys mind this morning about this projects scope of work. I will let you know what happends!

Things went great yesterday morning. He has pretty much hired my company before I have even given the bidds. I got the packet to fill out with ins. info workers comp and mapps of 5 big properties. I have 3 of the properties priced out allready for in the neighborhood of 10k. Gonna be a good season indeed!!!


Congrats Tim! Well deserved.

Congrats indeed! How has he already hired you before the bid? I had my first big bid to do last month for window cleaning. 7, 2 story buildings. I didn’t get the job. But I learned a lot.

The owner gave me alot of inside info to go on. Also talked alot about the last guys B.S.
The bids I can now come up with based on a price he told me what he paid last year, for a particular property of his. I Went to that property and did the math to determine average cost 1.00/Yd.
After my sales pitch, He expects to pay us more to have the jobs done right.


You may be the worlds ‘single-largest-gutter-job’ record-holder.


Let us know if it turns out to be worth your while or not. Sometimes the big ones are giant nightmares.

should be finding out by the end of next week.

Just scheduled one of the apartments gutter cleaning - $5000.00 this will be our biggest gutter job yet!!! Im stoked

Wow. Congrats again. Let us know if it turns out well or not.

How did you get past the gatekeeper and score an appointment with the big whig? I would really like to get into gutters on apartments in my area, as we are a two college town with many units, but how does one get those chances to bid? Did you do it the old fashioned way and walk in asking for the manager and solicting directly to him? Or was this a call placed to you? Did you get a lead? Tell me more, tell me more.:smiley:

I advertise in the AT&T YP under Gutters & Downspouts Cleaning, and have been called to bid a number of times (against PW’ers and landscapers.)

A couple years ago we created a big presentation packet. Inside a nice blue folder we included an introduction letter, testimonials, biz card, ins. info and a signed w-9. We mailed them out to about 50 local property management companys. I landed 4 deals off this marketing campaign which cost me about 120. to do. I have grossed over30k off those 4 groups.

Hey Tim,

Nice to see you on the boards.

Everybody quiet my competitions hear!!! LOL!!! How ya doing Mark? haven’t heard from you in awhile.


Been pretty busy, expecting our 3rd child real soon. So I have been busy doing that!:smiley: I lost your phone number when my cell phone fell in some water. Just workin the streets trying to keep up with you Tim.:slight_smile:

Congrats on the incoming!!! Call me sometime I still would like to get you out fishing or talk shop! 971-226-1623 Were trying to form a big local picnic this summer. I need you there.