Bidding Car Dealership

This is my largest commercial bid yet. I’ve only got trad gear, no WFP. My gut was telling me 375 for outside only, 675 for out and in. Am I close to the mark?

If thats all the glass you are close.

That’s all the glass, sir.

Bid it, that is an easy job.
Good luck brother!

There a lot of different ways to knock out this bad boy, Wide body channel straight pulls, wagtail, zero degree channel. Learn to use a pole will save you tons of time and is much safer then use a ladder all the time.

Every chance you get to practice with a pole do it. Wish I could help more but it just takes pratice :slight_smile:

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dogearing or liquidating…done right and its a great edge improvement.



What the other guys said. Pole work takes practice and consistency. You must understand well what happens on the end of that pole with each input you make, since many times your eyes cannot quite see everything that’s going on up there.

Good equipment helps.

Skills are more important than tools, IMO.


I bid at .80 per pane on a monthly basis and go up from there.

You might want to ladder up those interior 2 story windows. If you pole them there’s a good chance water will drop down the side of the wall.

It’s a wall of glass… Just saying !!

Unless your talking about the back windows

Never mind it has to be what your talking about. :nerd_face:

I clean a lot of dealers and I have to say i really started making money when I mastered using the pole. I have one pole for the squeegee and another for the scrubber.

I also bought the Sorbo eliminator squeegee’s they are super long and with one stroke you can clean pretty efficiently.

What if he just used pure water on a pad for the interior? I use pure water on a pad for skylights…one pad for putting water on and a buffer to finish it…very little water drips and I’ve had no problems.

I’ve always been a skeptic about the interior wfp…how long is the learning curve?