Bidding high rise

Alright folks, we got a high rise bid for a building in Seattle, Washington. The average price per glass pane in the area is $8 to $10 inside and out

The building has 1700 windows
526 first floor
378 second floor
420 third floor
423 fourth floor

We did our estimate with this pricing guide for inside and out:
$8 for first story
$10 for second story
$12 for third story
$15 for fourth story

We will have to spend about $2500-$3500 for a water fed pole.

With driving distance added on, the total would be $21,173

Does that sound fair? Or way out of proportion?

8-10 per pane in and out meaning residential or commercial?

4th story with a wpole is a bear, 3rd floor is challenging enough

still, outsides go at a good clip with wpole, depending on architecture, curtain wall glass goes at a way good clip

interiors are another animal altogether
first there will be way less windows depending on the blacked out or rows inbetween floors that aren’t even showing inside
but then there are different access issues for the rest, high lobbies, behind desks, etc
sills are 4-6" and loaded with paper dust, takes time to clean those, looks horrible if you dont wipe those clean and dry
ladders inside? 6 ft and pole? extension ladder? time, time, time
interiors can be 3-4x the time than exterior even with so many fewer windows to clean inside

about 900 smaller curtain wall panes, exterior only, 1st and 2nd floor has taken about 8 man hours, fighting bushes and long hose runs. 3rd and 4th floor will go way slower and way way slower, but i dont know about 21K slow for in and out (106 man hours @ $200/hour)

my thoughts is all

If you posted photos it would be easier to give a response. Just saying 1700 windows is too vague.

Even if the building was all glass, at $21,000, unless the building is as big as a city block theres no chance of getting even close to ballpark.

Photos (even if just from 3d view on google maps or google earth) will be a huge help on giving a rough price. But doing it per pane is not really a workable model for myself.

Do you have to walk the first floor roof to get to the second floor or is it just all spandrel and wall? Cuz there’s alot less glass on the second floor.

Post some photos and if you feel comfortable, just blur out addresses and logos on the building.
There’s alot of us, like Bruce and quite a few others who do this stuff all the time.