Bidding Hotels

I thought this was share worthy. I contacted a childhood friend of mine on FB to ask her advice for the best approach for bidding a hotel since she is a hotel manager. Here is her reply:

Each hotel will be different depending on Corp owned vs mom and pop owned. First I would try to make an appt with either the General Manager or possibly Maint Supervisor. (Limited service hotels it will probably be better to talk to the GM) Full Service hotels probably has a Maint Supervisor that can make decisions. However most decisions will be made by the General Manager. I hate when sales reps just show up- so I usually won’t talk to them without an appointment. Hotels that are corporate owned and depending on price of bid may need to get approval from Corp office. Most hotels will put in their budget each year for window cleaning/ pressure washing. So if it’s in the budget for a particular month the decision can be made locally. If not in the budget - it would probably be a capex item which intern would call for a regional Manager approval.
Another idea is if you have the time and you are able to get an estimate bid together without having to talk to anyone first just by eyeing the exterior- counting windows - doing a bid on cleaning exterior and separate bid on interior. To be able to present that without taking time from the General Manager would have some pull. Do you clean window tracks? That is a job that gets skipped by housekeepers- Good luck!


My experience. If the place has a maint supervisor he will unlock doors for you and take you places but the GM makes the decision.

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we did this one for $775. all wfp!

3 guys 3 system 9 am to 12 pm

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Nice! How many windows total? Not having to deal with screens is a bonus! Most of the hotels around here are 3-4 stories and have screens.

The few hotels we have done we sold the WFP and privacy angle.

Told the hotels they would need to remove the screens. They used it as an opportunity to clean the screens.

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WFP=guest privacy is exactly what I was thinking too.

Many here too but I just do not bid them with screens any more.

just the front? or the back too? That’s cheap.
How long was the WFP to reach the 4th floor?