Bidding on 10 HUGE light fixtures

I have 10 of these bad boys that I need to give a bid on. Tell what you think?

No thanks

wow! looks time consuming.

I wouldn’t even know where to start

Will you be using a lift or regular ladder? I recommend using Brillianize. It is a great product. Hard to tell the size but I would charge no less than $200.00 per. I clean glass sculptures and it can be very time consuming but if you price it correctly you can bank it.

We have done a lot of chandelier cleanings but I have never attempted something like that. I recommend you actually take the time to do a test on one to see what you are getting into here. You are much better off doing a test and eliminating the surprises. Since this is complicated looking and you haven’t done it before take your time and don’t rush the price!

I do a lot of that type of work. It is very tedious, but it does pay off. I like to save it for the rainy season. What is the diameter of the pieces? Just by looking at the picture I would be in the $400 range per fixture

Figure out how long you think it will take, then double it. @ $500. Ea. + -

wouldn’t those be more of a put a dropcloth down and then spray with 1 or 2 applications of those chandelier cleaners that drip dry type thing? maybe not, maybe they are requesting something else

Not for me. You don’t have to worry about competition from me. I have no desire to do those types if lights. I’ve done a few small residential chandeliers and ceiling fans and I hate them as well.

do you have to take it all apart or will you be spraying? We usually take apart, wash each piece, dry, then reassemble. VERY time consuming. Ive never done something so intricate tho. WOW!! I actually turned down a chandelier because of it being so detailed. It was literally going to take most of the day to do a light. Good luck!!

I think you could get a premium for this… DO we know how high it is?

I think if you DON’T get a premium for this, you shouldn’t touch it. WAY too much work and liability…

$500 each just to see if they bite. If not, did you really want to do it anyway?

I would be at 2,000 each.

so you’re figuring 3.3 hours each? :rolleyes: