Big guy ladder?

So getting into doing a few 2-3 story resi. and I need to get a good ladder but Im a big guy 6’4" 350lbs (I know I need to slim down played alot of football) anyways I need to find a ladder That is going to be plenty sturdy and will hold up for the long haul only want to buy once.

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At that weight you need the Black-tipped commercial ladders, Expensive and heavy to use, but the only option for you except maybe Jenny Craig

WOW felt like I had a high school kid talking to me that was kinda rude, all you had to say was the first part because I thought this was a place to come to for info and not for ppl to say dumb s***. but I guess thanks for pointing that out


Hey Nick, have you looked at a Little Giant? I know they are exspensive but since they have a high duty rating and can be set up in many different configurations you wouldn’t have to buy an additional heavy duty stepladder. Little Giant Ladder | Type 1AA Little Giant Ladder

Type 1AA is rated for 350 lb, but you may be able to find a little giant knockoff for much less than the cost of a little giant. Some other manufacturers are cosco and werner. They refer to them as ladder systems on their websites.

On that link Little Giant says their 1AA ladders are rated to 375lbs.

yea the little giant is 375lbs… i know werner makes the same ladder sold at homedepot for like 160 but not sure weight limit

Werner is rated at 1A 300 lbs.


I heard that the little giant ladders has alot of flex in them at the joints or is this a older version and how do the werner ladders compair in being sturdy?

I have been able to use both. They are very sturdy. The LG is a little lighter than the Werner but cost about double. Of course only the LG comes in the heavier duty rating. If you compared the flex it isn’t as bad as some of the aluminum or fiberglass extensions I have used.


Im a big guy too. I have lost about 40lbs cleaning windows and gutters so no worries on that end. I started with the gorilla version of the LG and then i bought the big version from Louisville ladder and i love that stupid thing. just my 2 cents anyways. the sway is going to be more the taller the ladder but at 20 plus feet it hasnt really been an issue for me.

Hope that was as clear as mud:)