Big house

Hi. Thank you guys for all the helpful topics.
I am new to window cleaning and just getting hang of squeegee. Today I had a big house and had to use a pole. Spent 4 hours and still not done.
I have a question about how perfect do you clean the windows? Are they spotless when you done? What if they located in the hard to reach areas?
Today was a 3 story house. Have to go back on Tuesday and finish it. Didn’t have long enough ladder.

I assume that you did not have access to get above those panels upstairs? If you do then clean from the upper deck, if not get a taller ladder or WFP.

I did have an access but I used Unger pole just for the learning experience. The problem is I didn’t have the right squeegee. The one I used was double sided with scrubber and it was leaving streaks and drops of water. I am going back tomorrow with ladder, better equipment and tons of watched videos of how to clean windows.

Today I am going to do power washing of the driveway.