Big squeegees and mops

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I am looking for info and pros/cons on the bigger squeegees and mop heads

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For me it’s about go-fast and efficiency. Bigger then 18 inch don’t fit my bucket. I don’t want to have to wet half, flip and wet the other half. In my rectangle bucket I can wet the mop with an inch at the bottom, Try that with a 5 gallon round bucket and it takes a bunch of fussing with it to get it wet.


We do a lot of big glass. Just wanna go faster too

I like to use an 18” mop with an 18” squeegee. Once in a while I’ll use a 22” squeegee for the big glass. If considered getting a 22” mop but don’t want to have to dip one side and then the other.

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I think the shorter mop has more scrubbing power as well.

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I use a 22 inch Pulex or Ettore Microfiber wand and a 20 inch Ettore brass channel with ledger handle-- the only other tool I have in my bucket mainly is a 10 inch squeegee for picture windows and my scraper-- unless it’s a french window job.

I have used the 22 inch channels, I do not like them. In fact, it takes a while to fully get the feel of the 20 inch. I prefer the 20 inch more, as the 22 inch will bend very easily and overall I just have not grown comfortable over the years. I really love an 18 inch, but I do so much big glass anything under a 20 and you are spending too much time on them. I don’t like any wands under 22 inches. Just too much big sliders and panes for an 18 or smaller. 22 is just right imo.

I see some people doing homes and stores with 12’s and 14s (Fish)-- it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out you will be done in half the time if you are up to speed and know how to take advantage of the 20 inch squeegee. But again, you have to get the muscle memory of using that-- I have used a 36 inch Superchannel before-- man that thing will clean a huge slider in a few pulls— but if you screw up that first cut-- you are better off and faster with a 20 inch…

Well I have a 30 Sorbo and love it!

Isn’t that 22” wand a lot heavier than a 18”? I used a large strip washer on route work many years ago. It seemed to wear me out faster so I went back to a smaller size. It takes quite a bit of time for repetitive motion injuries to catch up with us but eventually it takes it toll on people who abuse their bodies at work. I’d give not using over sized tools and cleaning right handed all the time some thought. When you’re young people think their bodies are gonna last almost for ever. Haha

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The voice of experience :sunglasses:

18" mop for everything except very small glass and the largest squeegee that the glass will allow me to use.

I agree !! But when your doing maintenance cleans you don’t need scrubbing power
I use 22” Strip & 24” Squeegee all day on commercial an Route work.
Round Bucket. Jus flip an dip !!!
Sorbo channel , Ninja handle , sorbo runner of cource

For resi 10”,12”,14”.

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commercial account I use a 30 inch mop and a 20 inch Squeegee

A 22 to me feels about the same as an 18. I am a “bucket bob”-- just dip and flip as someone said below. I have been cleaning windows for about 16 years now, so far no major injury yet-- (Knock on wood)-- I do stick A LOT of glass-- that keeps the wear and tear on your back and knees down, compared to using a ladder all day on/off-- feeling good but I am still a young man, BostonMike-- I try to work smarter and not harder. Well, try to anyway!!! I think my only complaint is my neck and at times the rotator cuff in my left shoulder-- but that’s 16 years of window cleaning-- Let’s see how I fare at 32 years…!

You’ll have to quit washing windows. Taking care of your body now can save your career later.

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