Biggest Change In The Window Cleaning Industry

Hi all,

A question:

Which do you feel as contributed to the biggest change in window cleaning in the last 20 years, it may be a benefit or method even technology, anything!

And how has this change affected you and your business?

I think it would be hard to beat the affect that pure water has had on the industry and the way we do business.

I would say the internet for me. I learned everything about window cleaning through it. Others will probably say WFP’s etc…

Thing is, the internet is not being used to its full potential in the industry.

Pure water is up there!

What would you say could bring it to its full potential?

Contact forms, Googlemaps, videos, payment etc

I think a nice googlemap mashup with a database of clients woukld be a great move.

I think that stuff is already here… its just a matter of connecting the dots.

Exactly, who joins the dots and who will implement.

Yeah thats the hard part

I have so much Window cleaning data im waiting to do something with…

Yeah same here.

I think the payment application/module being launched in Uk will move mountains.

Forget paypal, or debit cards credit machines, none of that has the real answer for the industry.

I am going to say the internet as well I have spent countless hours reading and then taking what I read directly into the field and giving it a try.

Im going to say the windows, 20 years ago you showed up and scraped , steel wooled, scrubbed with the edge of your applicator, whatever you needed to do to remove the offending dirt, now you need a phd in glass analysis before you wipe it with a sponge

What about the windows do you believe has changed?

The glass

In what way?

How long has the squeegee been in regular use in the industry?
OK, it was before the 20 year timeframe, but how would you like to still be working with Chamois and scrims? Most of you won’t even know what they are.
To answer the question, I would probably agree that the internet has changed things most significantly.

I have all my clients mapped on Google Earth and color coded for various attributes.

If it wasn’t for the internets, There would have been no way in ʞɔǝɥ that I would have ever been able to start WCing. The forums, for the most part, have been my only trainers, teachers and mentors.

Coatings, poor tempering, you could wash it in the sun,the mullions were real not fake, didn’t need vinegar to activate it,the parts were well made not plastic crap,windows moved up and down with weights and ropes not springs and string, replacement windows were just that , not the cheapest thing you could fit in a hole that size, low-e was a musical note

how was your childhood

well where should I start …

You can do this with Quickbooks 2008 now. It will map all your clients in google. I dont use 2008, but i do use 2006 along with it’s customer manager 2.5. What I like about it, is that it allows me to place directory links in a clients file. So now when I hit a home after I do the paperwork and get paid. I take a photo of the customers home and windows, place them in their own folder and link it to the customer. I also do the same with mappoint 2006 but that link is also linked to Works out really nice as I keep serious notes on each customer. It’s nice to be able to go to a home and talk to them about their kids or whatever. Customers are always shocked I remember the kids and dogs names. I dont rememeber them, I just look over the customers notes before I enter the home.
I think software is the biggest thing. 20 years ago everything had to be done by hand. People were writing receipts with carbon copy receipt pads (nothing wrong with it) but it was such a time killer. I now have a laptop and printer running out of my truck. When I come home now I do not have to pull double duty inputting data from that days work.

I agree Jugg, software. I cant imagine scheduling, reminders, invoicing etc. by hand. Id miss most of my appointments, im so forgetful.