Biosphere 2 Insurance

We have submitted a bid for a pretty big and interesting job to clean which is in essence a really big green house, called the Biosphere 2.

To get an idea of what it looks like, here is an image:

We are only bidding the 2 pyramids and the connecting corridor at this time.

So it is definitely a job that interests me and since it has been neglected for so long, it will need lots of extra work. Lots. But that’s not the point I want to address here.

I know that we can clean it effectively with water fed poles, power washers, and chemicals. I went to make sure that I had my insurance company’s blessing, and I was appalled at their confusion, even blank stares when I asked to make sure we were good. The building is 91 feet tall at it’s highest point. They threw around numbers like $20k+ to do a job like that, which I find absolutely hilarious. But they assured me that they’d do some extra legwork to really research it. They don’t know anything was my take away.

If you care to learn a little about how we plan to tackle this beast, I slapped a page together so you can get an idea of how we are going to approach it:

So my question is, Do any of you have suggestions on insurance companies who are great to work with and can give me an estimate for moving into this kind of work? We will be doing the job twice a year after the initial restoration, but usually we will be doing 3 stories or less. You know, height really shouldn’t be a factor for as much time as we spend with our feet flat on the ground with a WFP, you know?

cannot help you out with the insurance question, but want to wish you the best of luck with that job :slight_smile:

Good work :smiley:

rent a helicopter carrying a huge RO filled tank and drop it from super high so it hits the dirt off and leaves it clean.

I had to do a similar shaped building but just one side, it was a piece of cake wfping downwards & then I was going to wfp upwards once I reached a certain point. My issues were - they put solar film on the [B]OUTSIDE[/B] of the glass, which scratched with the wfp brush head. The other issue was water going into the street.

Thats looks like a pretty sweet job Curt. I hope you end up getting it. I dont have any recommendations on specific insurance companies. I would say though when your shopping around try to find someone who is easy to work with and will take the time to really lay out the specifics for what your covered for. The guy who does my insurance handles mostly contractors. I would reccomend trying to find someone like him.

You’re idea has some merit, but when I priced the helicopter, they said they couldn’t get up high enough to hit it hard enough… back to the drawing board.:smiley:

As far as insurance goes, there is no film or real danger of property damage… of course worker’s comp will be another issue, but do insurance companies insure specific jobs, or do I need to find a high rise company? It’s funny, my current insurance company mentioned that as a contractor I should get a contractor insurance company.

My response: “Such as?”

Her response: blank stare

I’m lost and the people at Allstate are equally lost it appears… the more specifics you guys can give, the better. I definitely could use a nudge in the right direction, like insurance company names/ websites/ etc. Of course I’m in Arizona, so I’m sure that plays a part in which companies I can use, but even if you can only suggest someone in another state, at least I could call them and see if they can refer me to any one.


Curt I will PM you my insurance guys #.

Yes you can get insurance for specific jobs. When we do it we just ask to have the company we work for be listed as an additional insured on the job insurance certificate.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the info. I left a voicemail and it looks like I’ll probably hear back after the holidays.

Is there anyone here that does high rise that can shed further light on this?