Bird crap on window ledges

Hey Guys,
In the past I just cleaned the bird crap off the sill with my sea sponge like it was any other type of soil. I’m old school, raised in the 60’s, and it just never bothered me before. I know how to wash my hands. The world is changing and the more I read about birds and bacteria and people getting sick the less I want to clean up after them. It’s a ten dollar account and only takes me 6 minutes. The last time I cleaned the store I decided enough is enough and left it there on the window sill.

What do you guys do? Wear gloves the entire day? Change your water at every bird dropping customer location? Charge a lot extra, my guess double the price, for the time it would take to change out the dirty water?

I might just answer my own question. I was just thinking. I wonder if this would work?

If I carried my residential track cleaning brush with me on my storefronts route I could use it to sweep 98% of the bird droppings off the ledge before I even wash the window. My track cleaning brush looks like a tooth brush. Very stiff plastic bristles. I could carry it in the pencil slot on my tool pouch. :cool:

Anybody have a method that actually works?


Can you have a small bucket with your regular solution (like a quart size painters bucket) with a soft bristle car wash brush to scrub then use a small squeegee to remove the water off the sill. If you are careful you should be able to keep it off your hands.

Thanks Steven,
Your idea got me thinking. I’ll use my 22oz solution bottle that I carry in my pouch. My track brush can be used dry or wet. I only have two stores with this problem, just two small piles of crap to clean up twice a month, so my problem is solved. Thanks!

Why not solve the problem as a bird control issue? Sell the service to your customers. The supplies are sold here at the WCR Store. Then, sell the service to the stores where the displaced birds contaminate next.

Great idea Larry!
I could also add power washing, gutter cleaning, awning cleaning, roof cleaning, scratch removal, window tinting and window defogging services while I’m at it. HaHa

I only clean windows and I love it!
Thanks for trying to help!


Good Morning / Good Afternoon…


I get your point about bird junk…What about peoples lugies on the glass ?


I think I’d go with the bird junk before peoples lugies !!!

Part of the DANGER of being a window cleaner…


Thanks Dave!

I’m thinking of calling in sick tomorrow. After reading your post, just the thought of cleaning windows is making me sick.

When you clean out gutter you should really wear gloves, because I’m sure there are nasty bacteria there ! I often worry about that flesh eating bacteria if I every get scratched or cut myself when doing gutters or really anytime I cut myself now…You never know where that bacteria is laying !

I always clean any cut with peroxide and antibiotic ointment as soon as it happens, because you never really know when that flesh eating bacteria is laying at wait !

I read about that stuff and it’s for real dude so we should always think ahead !


Bird stuff is on the list to, I guess Raccoon junk is serious also !

Facts about Pigeon-Related Diseases : Environmental & Occupational Disease Epidemiology : NYC DOHMH



The Diseases Associated with Bird Poop and How to Clean it up!

Bird junk , lugies , Raccoon stuff… It’s all there and we can’t get away from it… I think being around that stuff we might of garnered some immunity maybe !


I’ve gone into some pretty nasty houses also, enough that I shower as soon as I get home and start cleaning my house just as a reaction, even if it doesn’t need it !!


I own a window cleaning company that enhances it’s customers’ experience and adds revenue by incorporating those additional services that logically fit in my business plan.

Way to go Larry!

I thought the nick name Dangerous Dave had something to do with high rise window washing. Now I know the rest of the story. You clean windows without gloves on, don’t you Dange!

No…Your close though ! It has to do with window cleaning totally…Our industry is dangerous in all aspects, step ladders, reaching out windows, walking on roves, sectional or extensions, high rise, low rise, tucker poling , lift work …just like the poor fella whose 2nd rung that broke on his new ladder and he fell and was killed !

I knew of a guy leaning against a window from the inside and it broke out and he fell 5 stories to his death ! Anything can happen to anyone , anytime , anyplace !

The nick name Dangerous came from a customer of mine who knew our industry was DANGEROUS, so he started calling me Dangerous !

Your right though about me not wearing gloves while window cleaning, but I do wear them when cleaning out gutters !


[B][COLOR=“blue”][SIZE=“4”]When Becoming A Window Cleaner…![/SIZE][/COLOR][/B]

I’m still thinking here. If I use my track cleaning brush the bristles will get nasty. Perhaps scraping the poop off the ledge with my 5in1 tool or even my razor would be a better way.


What if it was fresh ?


In instances like that I usually strip down to my boxer shorts on my porch before I go in my house at the end of the day. I have some pictures of some disgusting houses we have done, but they have clean windows :slight_smile:

It’s a pile of poop two weeks old so some of it’s old and some of it’s fresh. I drove by the store today and I realized that I’ll probably clean this route for 10 more years. I guess I’ll have to clear that pile of crap about 250 more times. The more I think about it the more I want to follow Larry’s recommendation.

When you’re talking about crap is the appropriate word to use FRESH?