Black diamond rubber squeegee vs Ettore

I know black diamond rubbers are a lot cheaper but are they just as good as Ettore rubbers in quality and durability?
Anyone who has worked with both please let me know your honest opinions.
Thank you


Just got an order of hard rubber from black diamond a week and half ago, they work very good. I am impressed so far.

Interesting. I’ve tried Pulex and Unger. Didn’t mind the pulex but seemed like it took a LOT more effort than ettore. It just didn’t seem to glide and I found myself putting a lot of pressure on the squeegee. I threw the unger in the trash.

Does it glide like the ettore?

I might check some out but I’m not sure I wouldn’t be able to NOT sing “Ooooh, Black Diamond” every time I went to change the rubber.

I think the glide is just as good if not better.

And some one else agrees with me…

[video=youtube_share;J5rXKsMbCE0]- YouTube

For anyone that has used the Black Diamond Rubber - We would love a couple reviews of it in our store.

Black Diamond Squeegee Rubber | Black Diamond Replacements

I have tried it out its pretty good.

Is that dog poop in the background? Ooooh, brown diamond.

Just a quick add to my post, the “hard” rubber from Black Diamond is what Im currently using, because of the heat.

Got my free sample of Oooh Black Diamond in this weekend. I tried it out this morning and so far I can’t tell a difference between the ettore I’ve been using and the free sample. So I’m pretty happy with it so far. I’ll have to see how far it goes and if wears faster or slower.

[video=youtube_share;8MEBHH5iS0M]- YouTube

How many companies do you think are out there extruding squeegee rubber?

^ four?

Update: I don’t like it. It reminded me of the unger rubber and I had to replace it before I could finish the first job.

My preference is now:

  1. Ettore or if I don’t have ettore, then
  2. Pulex or if I run out of my spare pulex rubber, I’ll
  3. Rob another window cleaner to steal their rubber - detroit style.

iv not tried it yet. few years ago i knew i had to find a budget rubber that did the job reliably for my crew without breaking the bank. i tried out the whole gamut and settled on moerman soft as its an “everyman” kind of rubber

and have yet to buy a duff batch of it.

Wcs. Yes i agree it glides beautifully , combine that with a Steccnne and you really got an efficient quick moving arm =. Momentum

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I use Ettore Equipment, but I’ve been using JT’s rubber. When Ettore reaches its lifespan it doesn’t go fast, JT’s is just as nice at a lower price but one day it just quits although the life expectancy is about the same. I got my hands on some black diamond hard rubber and all my problems with tinted glass went away. Now I just switch it up whenever it calls for it.

I have been using the Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle and I just took out the rubber and started using the Black Diamond that they sent me for a free sample and I was having trouble with it leaving a water smeared across the window after I was going over it. I tried putting heavy and light pressure on the squeegee but it was always the same outcome. I put my old rubber back on and it worked perfectly so I wonder if it was because I was using the BD rubber in a Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle?

Could that be it or is it just near the quality of the ettore rubber that came with my brass channel? I am new to Window Cleaning so I very well could be doing something way wrong. I don’t want my possible ignorance lead to me giving this Black Diamond rubber a bad review if I am misusing it.

John, as you know I’m a fan of the Red Razer and love the longevity of it. We’re coming into summer over here so would you recommend soft or hard?..
Apologies Hollywood, I posted this in the wrong thread and seem unable to delete it. Your question however is one I am also interested in…

This is why it reminds me of unger rubber: unger is just a little bit shorter than the ettore rubber. You put an unger rubber in an ettore channel and you’ll have the same problem you described. It’s not the handle, it’s the channel.

We just bought some Black Diamond Hard rubber to try out this winter. So far so good! We have used Ettore exclusively in the past. It definitely added some shipping costs to our order as it did not come from the WCR factory it came from the company direct in Florida. With the added shipping cost it crept back up to be the same cost as Ettore rubber.