Black Jack 2

My old phone was…old. Folks were always saying to me “What? Are you talking into the phone?” or “I can’t hear you.” So, I needed a new phone.

The Black jack was $349.00 unless you signed a contract. I was on AT&T but my contract had expired…two years ago. :slight_smile:

So, I renewed and got the phone for 50 bucks.

It is not a phone. Well, it does what phones do (That is why I bought it) but it also does what phones do…not.

It is in this ‘do…not’ area I have NO clue.

Can I make friends with some body who has a phone like this one and my new friend teach me how to use the not…phone part?

Please? I’ll be your best friend. And, even if i think you are a dweeb, I’ll stick up for ya when others bash ya here. :slight_smile:

Phones might ought to do what phones do and let not phones…well, you get the point.

I need help figuring this thing out.

I think Steve from this forum has a black jack… im about 95% positive.

Ive used a ton of smartphones, treos, black berrys etc… fire away if you have a question…

The black jack runs windows mobile?

Yes. It does.

It has a ‘calender’ and schedule program.

The keys are small and it does link w/my puter. But I am unsure how to actually use those features on my puter.

I want the PDA feature ( I subscribbed) but have no clue how to use it short of typing in everything all over again…on those damned little keys!

There are probably a couple of disks that came with it.

One of them is most likely microsoft out look.

Install that then connect your phone via usb with the supplied cable.

Out look will then let you sync your tasks / calender / to do list / and contacts.

So when yo make a change to your schedule in the field it will be reflected on your pc when you sync up that night at home. There are other free services that you can use that will sync almost instantly wherever you are. Make sure you have a data package on your phone before you do that though.

Even if you dont plan on using these features its all worth setting it up just for the ability to back up your contacts. Ive had the same contact list for almost the last 5 years thanks to this… Ive broken and trashed literally no joke probably 25 phones in the past 5 - 6 years and I would be totally screwed with out this contact back up feature

I’ve had that phone since they came out. Be glad to help. (270) 293-5170 or pm me here or email me at [email protected]

Cool. They offered it. $2 a month.

I got the “Everything you wanna do” package for $135 a month plus Uncle Sams take. all-in-all it’s gonna be a ten grand a month. :slight_smile:

Most of which is stuff I may never even know I have.

Turn on your heating with your phone.

I think I’ve broken and trashed 26. Few and far between now that I switched to a Blackberry. I just got the new storm. Pretty bad ass, but a bit buggy.

Seth, how ‘buggy’ is it? I’m like you it seems like, I had a new phone every month until I got a blackberry curve, now I can’t live without a blackberry. I’m addicted, seriously. So how ‘buggy’ is the storm? I’m unsure of the touchscreen. Not sure how it will mix with my dirty hands while working…

There’s a ton of windows mobile applications out there that are free. Does your blackjack have wifi? The coolest thing about a windows mobile phone that I had previously was that it had wi-fi, and with a free program I could broadcast wi-fi from the phone to my laptop…

I’d stick with the curve until the Storm gets a few OS updates. I hear there is one coming out anyday now. I’ve had to do a soft reset about once a day since I got it a couple weeks ago. I hardly ever had to do a soft reset with my 8830 world edition.

The touchscreen is pretty cool. The click feature is nice. The Storm takes some getting used to, especially typing with the touch screen. I really like having a camera and video on the phone. I missed that with my 8830.

Yeah, I hear ya about the addiction. My wife is constantly on my case about my addiction. There’s only one person I know more addicted than me. CHRIS. Dude has 2 smartphones and a laptop attached to him at all times.

In another life, I used to carry a BlackBerry, 2 pagers, 2 cell phones, and 2 laptops.

First BlackBerry:

Second BlackBerry:

You were a stock clerk for radio shack?

This space reserved for a quip in response to Steve’s lame post.

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