Bleach on Windows

Wondering what some of you guys are using to get dried bleach off of windows left by power washer who doesn’t rinse enough.

Scrub it with your stripper with extra soap, scrape if you have to, scrub again then squeegee off.

Then tell the customer that next time they need to have you PW and then you can clean there windows also.


not quite sure what a stripper is?

I have one house, that was powerwashed using bleach, and some of the bleach got inside the storm and onto the windo pane behind, im guessing it was dried in by the sun
I tried a scraper, steel wool, oilflo, hard water remover, oven cleaner, and winsol 550
Thats the cleanest pane of glass in the neighborhood, except for the bleach stain which is still there:confused: