Blind cleaning / dryer vent cleaning

Anyone do either or both of these? There is a local guy I know who is moving and selling 2 businesses
and I would love to talk with someone who does this kind of work, as I am considering making an offer.
His blind cleaning is with an ultrasonic bath.

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I’m getting into dryer vent cleaning low start up easy add on.

I clean blinds. I use both ultrasonic and injection/extraction (same as upholstery cleaning, just different vac heads). What of ultrasonic machine does he have?

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I do dryer vent cleaning

What kind of offer do you have?

Dryer Vent Cleaning $100 to $135 for about 1/2 hour job. Excellent add on service.

I can recommend you to look through HireRush website, there are many professionals who do cleaning, maybe it will be useful for you.

I friend of mine bought an ultrasonic blind cleaner. He ended up getting rid of it and getting out of blind cleaning because so many of the blinds were old, and the strings broke, and the customers always expected him to fix them. He spent more time doing blind repair than blind cleaning. Just something to consider.

Sounds like he was marketing to the wrong customers.

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Yeah, I have no idea how he was using it as an add on. And maybe there were other issues, but that is just what he told me.

Do any of you have liability wavers for dryer vent cleaning I have read nightmare stories on the forum about pipes coming apart in walls.
Also are yall using the lint eater, nikro system or other kind of system.
And does any one open back of dryer and clean it out.

I second that question, I have been tossing around the idea of adding this service but a bit concerned about the liability.