Blind Cleaning?

I was wondering if any of you clean blinds? I really am interested if anyone cleans blinds using an ultrasonic machine? I am about to pick up a new ultrasonic blind cleaning machine and was wondering if any of you have any tips or tricks on using the machine as well as any devices for hanging the blinds to dry? marketing? whatever will help. thanks

I do not clean blinds, it seems more of a hassle.

I am curious though, how much do you charge for an average mini-blind?
How much do you charge for wood blinds?

I’ve read a little about those machines, but they seem to be really versatile, you can clean a lot of materials. I’ve also seen people that cleans them with a small pressure washer. For an ultrasonic machine (UM) you can approach it in 2 different ways, each one with pro/cons .

1- Fixed - that means that you have to go to the customer’s house, remove the blinds and take the to a warehouse/garage/facility , clean them, and go back and put them back.

2- Mobile - install UM in enclosed trailer ( a BIG one) and do everything on-site.

They’re expensive, but there’s a market for that service and not a whole lot of people doing it. Once again, key is in how you market it.

Another $0.02 (non deductible) :smiley:


Many local dry cleaning and area rug cleaning stores offer the service.

You can contact them for square-footage price indications (usually drop-off only.)

yes drop off may be the way to go in the beginning to see if there is a good market for this in your area without investing too much at first. I used work in the blind industries for almost 15 years and know a couple of blind cleaning companies in my area but I’m reluctant to pursue it… One of the biggest headaches you’re going to find is that older blinds will have brittle plastic parts and your messing with them will leave you scrambling for finding replacement parts. Be prepared.

I have been cleaning blinds for years, although with new trend of cellular shades and other fabrics my “old fashion way” doesn’t work so well.

For metal mini-blinds 6 feet and under I charge $12.00 everything over 6 feet is $20.00. the bill adds up fast but done the right way they look great. For wood blinds that are truly made of wood and not the faux wood I charge $15-20.00 depending on size. Any wood blind that has 1 inch blades could be even more. size matters with wood cause you have to clean them all by hand.

the metal blinds I use a DI tank. pull them all down and wash in the driveway with mild soap and a brush on the end of my pole. then I have racks that I made to hang from the garage door. this way they can dry while I am doing the windows.

I figure I already have the market more or less. I sell custom blinds as well. My problem is that I am selling more cellular shades than metal or wood and the only way to clean them is with the ultrasonic.

I am really shocked that more of you guys don’t at least clean the metal blinds? it’s so easy and people will pay a crap load for it. plus most of the WFP guys are already for the most part set up for it. (if you need more details let me know.)

I do clean metal blinds on my screen-cleaning workstation. I also utilize a drying rack. I do not actively market this service, but I too enjoy the revenue of this natural add-on service.

Much like a CCU or scratch waiver we have a blind cleaning waiver. Mainly states that we are not responsible for broken parts do to sun damage or misuse of the blind. I do save parts from old blinds when I install new ones. just in case. If I see the it is more than obvious that it is bad I won’t touch it. When all else fails I will try and sell them a new quality blind!

Anyone get to a window to clean it, tug the blind cord & the whole lot comes crashing to the ground? :smiley:

I now ask the owners to raise all the blinds unless they are pretty new. I’m interested in your idea of utilizing wfp to clean the blinds Scott. Can you send me more info or do a post on the technique? Cheers mate.

I’ve had enough experience with that when I worked in the blind industry. Now, any blind I operate I make sure to support it in the middle going up or down. So far no accidents.

Speaking about blinds, I’m considering adding on blind installations to my services. I’ll need to contact my old window blind and drapery customers and perhaps work for them a few days a month to get myself back in the groove. My boss used to charge up to $75 per hour.

Not when its 12 foot to the roof & you’re a lone worker.

That’s what extension poles are for. :smiley:

Now…you’re having a laugh.

I will write one up for what I do. it’s a cheap add on and works really well for metal and plastic blinds.

Thats how I always do it. Over the years I have been smacked in the head by falling blinds too many times:o. I always support with my hand or extension pole. Sometimes I’ll but my t-bar or backflip on the pole to evenly distribute the weight.

You must be talking about small width blinds. I thought everything was bigger in America?? To balance the size I’m pulling up - I’d rather be out the way when they come crashing down! As I said, ask the owner to do it.

At least things are looking up, they’re all becoming automatic now. I prefer the blinds within the dg units.

I met someone about 6 months who started ultrasonic blind cleaning. We swapped cards - I can give you her info if you want.

I was…repeat…was a huge fan of blind cleaning using DI water. Then I spotted some blinds and got freaked out.

I have been told since then my soap was too strong. Maybe so, I was using what I thought was a ‘mild’ de-greaser. The entire ‘clear coat’ just leopard spotted all to hell.

I have not cleaned one since but really wish I had a better clue of what ‘soap’ to use.

I have heard from a reliable source one can charge $5 per ladder for cleaning. (ladders are the strings that look like ‘ladders’ the are tied vertical and what eventually pull the blind up or down. They look like ladders…hence the name.

So if you are only getting $10-15 each…you may be under charging.

can we get a little dialog here :slight_smile:

I don’t know if Gary cleans blinds.