Blogging- does it work for you?

I’m thinking of adding a blog to my website. I have been reading about blogging for business and all other sorts of social media.
My question is, do any of you have a blog that’s geared toward current or potential customers? has it helped drive traffic to your site?

What sort of content do you use? I want to offer tips to homeowners on how to choose a service pro for their home. And other such things. Thanks once again in advance

Blogging is great for SEO. I’m convinced that’s what drove my site to #1 in Google. You can write about pretty much anything to do with your biz, just try to read it from the customers standpoint before you publish any new post. Does it represent your company the way you would like it to?

Publish links to your new posts on your business FB page, twitter, and any other social media you have. Oh, and don’t stuff your posts with keywords. Use them, but keep it natural sounding. Google has gotten pretty smart lately. A great way to get a good range of keywords is to blog about completed jobs- like: “Sparkling Clean Windows in Independence (or whatever town the job was in)”. Then (with permission, of course) post a couple pictures of the job, along with some highlights. Maybe there was a particular obstacle you needed to overcome? Write about it- it will show customers how you can tackle anything :).
@greenj26 is a big fan of blogging- you should check out his site for more ideas.


Blogging has worked great for me, It helps your SEO for your main page, that’s where your traffic will mostly come from. I also noticed a increase in traffic with long tailed searches.

by long tailed searches I mean things beyond “window cleaning (city name)”

like if you did a blog titled “how to remove pine sap from vinyl window frames” you might find that you are #1 in google when someone searches for “how to remove pine sap from vinyl” or “pine sap on vinyl window frames” the search volume is low, but it’s real easy to get the #1 spot on these type of longer search terms just from posting a single blog.

Well, if you have a business and offering products or services then a blog is a must. In order to make your site alive you need to somewhat communicate to your target people and that is through blogging. Actually, for me blogging is adding opportunity to your business so why not create a blog for your site. Make sure to promote it as well in social media sites and if you do know SEO do it. It will not quickly generate traffic but as time goes by it will, make sure you do it the right way.

You haven’t been blogging?! Get started yesterday!

if you have and haven’t “for a while” start again today!

Definite yes. Frequency is an issue for most though, try to keep it consistent. Twice a month is usually enough. Like the other guys said, promote on social media and try to get setup on Google Authorship and sign your posts with it.

Blogging is a great way to improve SEO.

[COLOR=#1A1A1A][FONT=lucida grande]I don’t know the reasons why, but a programmer friend of mine said that google picks up blogs better than websites - I will have to find out why that is.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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A static blogpost can be picked up just as fast if you know what to do.:slight_smile:


Does anyone know if you can blog to much? Ive been doing it twice a week.

Not that I’m aware of. Twice a week is great!

Not sure with blogging, but somebody said not to keep putting stuff up to often if you have an FB page, something to do with remaining on peoples walls, not sure.

I think the key is to get into a rhythm where you feed announcements of business blog posts out through FB and TWitter, while supplementing those two with fun stuff.

We ran an article back in November based on a HubSpot study about how blogging impacts website traffic. You can see the article here. It’s pretty significant. Basically, one or two blogs a month can double your traffic. 15 or more a month can increase it by 800%. (And I would say that means that no, you can’t blog too much.)

I know the months that I update our blog frequently (like this one) have been our highest traffic months. I realize I’m a different type of business, but I’d say there’s something to it!

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I would question the whole blog thing as a good ROI. Many people just do these things because others say so and they don’t really spend the time to research if the results are worth it. Everything with website traffic boils down to your target market and good clean websites. That’s it. I just built another site last month with nothing but a clean, light page. No back links, no social media links, nothing. Not even a link from my main site. The site is already listing on google #2 under my main for keywords specific to my service location. Now that can change as it’s only 1 month old but being it’s already showing up tells me I’m right on track with getting it listed and keeping it listed. But why blog to people who can read your blog from China? I have never ever in my life looked over a blog for any reason and I sure as heck never looked at one to purchase a service. Do you? Do you know anyone who has? I think your time would be better served building a clean site with basic SEO. When I say basic SEO I mean old school. Back in the days of website marketing, keywords and meta content were the only way to list. Now people say they do not matter or do not matter as much. I say BS.

How are you checking your ranking on the search engines?

There is only one way to do good SEO and that’s with software. I use a program that I have been using for over 6 years to help me check my sites SEO content and how up to date it is in regards to the search engines. The database for the software is updated about once per month so I can scan my sites and see if they will need any adjustment. This software also has a ranking checker that is pretty spot on. I also check where ever I can. IE if I’m at a friend or relatives house I will check on their computer to see the results from their boxes. Also check from multiple military bases when I can. Heck I even held my rankings from Afghanistan. lol.

I don’t know the reasons why, but a programmer friend of mine said that google picks up blogs better than websites - I will have to find out why that is.