Blue Plastic Film

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I’ve got a big initial clean to do for an existing commercial customer who is moving to new, much bigger premises. It’s a bathroom showroom with big windows, 12’ x 5’, and about 40 of them. Sounds good up to now! :slight_smile:
The big problem with this job is that the builder has put thick blue plastic on the outside of all the downstairs windows and it aint coming off!!:frowning:
Has anybody got a quick method of removing it, or do we have to scrape all 10,000 hectares of it![/FONT]

Find out exactly what it is and call the manufacturers, they should know how it would be removed
Seeing as your in Galway, it can’t be baked on by the sun , :smiley: so there should be a method to take it off easily enough

I haven’t seen much of that on windows really but i had a PVC door which i left for a year, and it literally melts into the door, regardless of the weather.
I could never fully get it off the door-there is still a blue tint on the door.
The longer you leave it it seems to be more difficult to remove.

Who is it your doing the clean for by the way, i might know them?

Post a pic and i will tell you if it’s the same plastic.

That blue protector wrap is a nightmare. I would go & try & test pull quite a few of them before accepting the job. You may get lucky & some come right off. But the few that remain that have bonded to the glass & metal surrounds will take you as long to get off 50 others.

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“6”]Hey thanks for the replies guys - too late to back out now I’ve already got the job - been cleaning his windows for the last 15 years, and hope to be doing them for the next …??
We are starting the job on Tuesday, I might just have a look at some of the windows tomorrow, and try as many different methods as I can think of :confused:
If I get lucky, be sure I’ll let you all know!![/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]:eek: oops - that’s big - sorry![/FONT]

Good luck. Take a hairdryer for the film if the job makes you start pulling your hair out. Sometimes it works - sometimes it don’t!

Well the job’s done! Didn’t find a miracle method but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Once we loosened the top of the film with scrapers, enough to get hold of, if we pulled very slowly, and carefully maintained the pressure it gradually peeled off the glass.
The secret is maintaining just enough pressure while pulling, to make the film part company with the glass, but not enough to make it tear.
Logical I suppose - but it didn’t look that easy at first!
The job took 80 man hours in total - most of them in the rain!:mad:
Happy days!
Maybe this will help someone in the future.

Thanks for the follow up I have seen this film be a total nightmare. Glad it was semi easy on you.

Well done Malky Bar Kid. Did it take as long as you thought?

Nice to see you got it all off matey we do the same thing really we use 6" scrapers to start it off then it leaves a sticky backed on the glass so we use a product called solvent cleaner straight from the bottle with new clean cloth and leave it for few minutes then clean it off with using fresh one with soapy water ! Works a treat !

This film is rated by days. 60 / 90 /180 day film. The more time you can leave it on the more expensive it is for the builder to put on so they go cheap. Depending on how fast the builder is, this film can be left on way past it’s exp. date. I install this film in the dallas area and my builders love it. We do the contruction clean with no crap on the windows. The residential film is usually left on too long because the construction process entails installing windows at the beginning or middle of the build after the framing is complete. In a commercial building the windows usually go in toward the end of contruction.

I’ve used the same technique to remove old solar films. A spray bottle, wetting behind the pull helps a little too.

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