Bonus program idea

I am very curious to hear from anyone who has a ‘profit-sharing’ or bonus program for their techs.

I’d like to present my rough idea and hear from Chris, who did not detail this aspect in his excellent marketing blueprint book, but it seemed like he did pay his techs more than just an hourly wage.

@Chris Did you have a bonus system for your techs? If so, can you summarize it? Would you do it differently if you were to do it again?

My Rough Bonus Program Idea
Invoice Total

Reduce by 40% of the invoice (for overhead)

Reduce by $25 trip charge
($575) assuming it was one job

Reduce by wages (including to and from job)
($375) assuming $200

Equals Profit Pool ($375)

If the job is done by only the lead tech, then 30% of the remainder (or, “Profit Pool”) would go into the lead’s “Bonus Pool”.
"Lead Bonus Pool" ($112.50)

If the job is done with another technician, then the lead gets 20% and the assistant tech gets 10%.
"Lead’s Bonus Pool" ($75)
"Assistant’s Bonus Pool" ($37.50)

Techs receive half of their accumulated “Bonus Pool” 30-45 days later (assuming the job is successfully completed and the customer paid)

Tech receives the other half of their last year’s accumulated “Bonus Pool” in January and February (during the slow season) assuming they showed up and didn’t quit.
This would help keep employees through the busy month of December.

Thanks, in advance, for the help!

Come up with your designated hourly rate for large commercial small commercial storefront and residential. If the technician gets the job done quicker than your hourly rate they get the change.

For example if you want to be $90 an hour on a house and a $320.00 job takes 3 hours the tech gets the $50.00 over the $270.00. You don’t even have to tell them this or do it all of the time sometimes you make extra money sometimes you give it to the tech.

Thanks, Denver, that’s quite simple.

Has anyone tried this but given a percentage of the change? For instance, they get half of what is left over… I would like to always do this method for every job but it seems like if they receive all of what is left over that may be too much, but maybe not.

I am perplexed that I never saw this reply. Usually I get an email anytime there is a reply to my thread. I’ll have to see what happened.

For all cleaners working full time, I set aside 1% of their production for a year-end bonus. They get a report every other month showing how much bonus and PTO they have earned based on their production, so throughout the year they can see their bonus growing.


Interesting. Sounds like it’s going well. That sounds simple.

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