Booked our largest house ever today

before our previous largest house was 7000 sq ft and was $965. Today i booked an 11,000 sq ft house (i think it’s the largest house in 40 miles) for $2877


Nice! That is still a decent amount for that size house. What type of windows? All French panes?

That…is nuts.

sierra pacific windows, divided into 1’x1’ - 2’x2’ fake divided panes

Congrats! You’ve got me beat by $17. They get them done twice a year, though, and the initial clean was around $3,600.

I’m working on it this week :grin:


Outstanding guys! Y’all have me beat. Although wife and I did this house last week. $1200 and we do it annually. Took us 7 long hours, but worth it since we leave for Marrakech next week. Will make the vacation a little more fun I think.


Was this just windows?


I am so tired looking at this thread


I feel your pain. Twice a year 16k sqft. French & standard windows In&Out. One man show. Great account:)

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Good for you man. We just quoted a 14k sqft house, haven’t heard back yet but did a 7500sqft house earlier this month for $1,500. Brutal but will be back every 6 months now.

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Beautiful homes guys, good job!