Books for Service companies

I have read three of the four books shown I have yet to get the invisable touch.

Harry Beckwith is an awsome writer with a clear understanding about service companies and the need for marketing and putting yourself out there as a professional service company and the expectations of what your clients want.

The three i have read are
“Selling the Invisible” A Field Guide to Modern Marketing
“What Clents Love” A Field Guide to Growing your Business
“You, INC” The art of selling yourself.


I buy most of my books at Amazon they are by far the cheapest.

Hey, invest a little in your self it will pay off big

Get Kevin’s (paneless perfection) book. Just ask Phil and he will tell you how it’s one of the best books you’ll ever read. I have been going over the first 2 chapters several times just because they are that good.

Will Do!

Selling the invisible is a good book all of us should own, but it will not give any marketing ideas or tactics.

Some of the newer Guerilla Marketing books are real good

Kevin’s (paneless) book would be even better as people will see how to market a window cleaning business. Most people have a hard time reading marketing books and trying to figure out how they can make it work for them.

Kevin helps with that

It is vital to seek out as many sources as possible. I have 41 marketing books, 77 cds and 12 dvds… let’s not get into what is on my computer. I may find a story how a florist tripled her customer base in 6 months and apply that to my (or someone elses) business.

What it all boils down to is taking action on what we learn. Most never do that. (I still fight with that)

I like your last line. Mark Twain is great!

[B]Any book by John Maxwell[/B][COLOR=“Red”][/COLOR]