Boost Pump Control

Purchasing a 110v RHG boost pump. Have the Xero X2 but still been running into some really bad pressure taps. I know there’s pump controllers for delivery pump tank setups, anybody use anything similar for the portable 110v setup?

Have to deal with one faucet on big properties a lot unfortunately, recently had no choice but to run out 200ft supply hose and then another 50 to the pole, then lift it to 3rd story… pressure must have been horrible to begin with and then had no choice but to set up that way.

Does running more supply line lower pressure more that post filter line?

I almost always have 100’ supply. I run a single RO on my ro/di and last year switched to 250 feet of 3/8 flexzilla + 100 feet of regular WFP hose. Was previously 200’ of 1/4 hose + 100’ WFP hose. Now 99% of the time I don’t need additional pressure to run the Tucker rinse bar. I use the wayne 110v (no controller) for a booster pump only when needed to run the bar, or if it is a smaller property I just use pencil jets. I don’t have any sort of controller and have had the same pump for around 2 years now. Switching to the larger diameter flexzilla really upped the flow.

You might be better served by switching to a tank system.

Hi Royalpine

To answer the question form a pump controller perspective while there are some controllers that can switch a 110v pump. most are designed to run a 12V DC pump with controller rated for up to 10a and up to 30a depending on the pump.

As already commented a tank system would be another alternative such as a Fill n Go which allows you to fill the system from an onsite water supply and use the water from the tank to clean. These systems use 12V delivery pumps combined with a controller that allows you to vary flow to the Glass as required. Have a chat with John Lee on options