Booster pump for DI

@Pure_Water_Window_Cl Hey Josh - wondering what type of pump you use on your jobs when pressure is low? I tried to see if you had any previous posts on this, but I felt a bit ‘stalkerish’ going through all of your previous posts.

I currently use a DI tank with a prefilter. My water pressure is usually ok, but I have started running 300’ of Gardiner yellow as opposed to 150’. I’ve noticed a slight drop of pressure. And like most of us, I bump into situations where the tap is lower than ideal pressure.

I’ve looked at the pumps at harbor freight and the like, but I worry about what happens when I use my valve to stop water flow - will too much pressure build up from the pump?

I’m trying to keep it simple and have it available for situations where supplemental pressure is needed. Any thoughts?

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I use a simple booster pump from a local hardware store. We have several jobs that we use a RO unit followed by several hundred feet of supply hose and up 70 + feet.

I wouldn’t worry to much about using a valve if you’re using an RO membrane because of the waste water flowing at all times. Things might be different with a DI because it’s a closed system once you shut off your water at the brush.

What about a Surflo pump that shuts off once it senses the pressure shut off?

Anyone have a suggestion on which type of Surflow pump would be the best for this application? There are a ton to choose from.

I actually just set up a tank system for this. Prefilter into a holding tank (125 gal) out of the tank to a 2 gal per minute delvan pump, into an accumulator tank, thru the DI tank, out to the WFPs. The good thing about this is the pumps will burn out if the can’t run at full power. Short cycles are the death of these pumps. So this way the pump runs flat out for 15 seconds to build the pressure in the accumulator tank and then the pole will run for 45 seconds with out the pump even running. You can also run 1 pole or 2 and the pressure stays the same. Worked good for me.


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Shurflo 8000-946-138 Pump - 100psi, 5.2lpm

Are commonly used but that model is gettingharder to find.

I don’t know if this helps, this is how I set mine up. I think you can see the model number on the pump 7812 ed

Thanks for the input. I am trying to keep as simple as possible. I don’t want a buffer tank, to just want to be able to hook up when needed.

I looked briefly for the shurflow that @anon46335951 mentioned. They are out of stock in most places, but I have a reference point to build off of. Thanks again folks.

Done. Thanks Jeff.

I ordered the pump-in-a-box supplies yesterday. I like how versatile, modular and mobile it is. Can be used in many configurations.

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If you could send me pics and contact me @980-275-0888 I’d really appreciate it if we could talk about your set up. Thanks, Jason from Bright Choice Window Cleaning LLC