Bosun Chair

So what’s everyone sitting in? I got done touching up my chair this evening. I’ll post a pic when I get home.

Is that a home made chair?

Everyone who I have ever worked with has made their own chair, or used a chair made by someone within the company, I have only ever used a store bought chair once during training, they were very uncomfortable compared to a foam and covered chair.

Yea someone made mine before I started. It was pretty rough though after ten years. So new ropes, sanded, painted, just a touch of awesome, and boom.

It’s an osha violation if I’m not mistaken. A couple of my buddies have been fined for it and at my old job the don’t allow home made ones any more

Not sure why its an osha violation since the chair itself shouldn’t be what keeps you safe, the chair is just to sit in to be more comfortable than hanging in a harness. Its really surprising since here its totally fine and our OH&S laws are more stringent.
but our chairs were made in such a way that they surpassed anything you could buy: 1 piece of 11 ply plywood with holes drilled into each corner about 1-2" from the edge then your standard rope is used with a fishing knot underneath connecting the ropes.

Gave up the bosun’s chair years ago when I became SPRAT certified. I sit on the Petzl Podium now.

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Well the Petzl Podium is a bosun chair its just a well made commercially available chair, for me making a chair was like a rite of passage you tailor a chair with each angle to suit you as you spend many hours in the chairs and you want it to be as functional and as comfortable as possible.
Most of the ready made ones the anchor is to low imo , One of my close friends who I got into the business in 2002 now runs his own rope access business where he mainly does testing and anchor installs and he is a level 3 IRATA , the pic I posted was from a current level 2 IRATA which lets be honest is more in depth than SPRAT.

I’ve heard the IRATA VS SPRAT argument before and feel what’s important is not what organization your certified by but that you actually go and get yourself professionally trained.

You may be correct that the podium could be called a bosuns chair. The big difference between seat boards such as the podium and bosuns chairs is your connection to the descender. With a bosuns chair most people are not connected directly to their descender, rather they are just sitting on the bosuns chair which is connected to their descender. With a podium your descender is connected directly into your harness d ring, the board is just there to make it more comfortable because we all know how terrible it is to hang in a harness.

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