Bottle On A Belt Holster

I love using the Unger Bottle On A Belt (bottle holster) but I don’t like the velcro detatchable feature. I recently lost an Unger bottle belt holster because the velcro had become weak and worn out. It fell off of my belt and was lost while out in the field working.

I bought a new one (Unger) to replace it but even the new one sort of comes loose where the velcro fastens the holster to the belt. I’d like to solve the problem by gluing the velcro together so it won’t come apart.

Anybody know what type/brand of glue would work well to permanently fix the velcro section of this holster? I thought about just sewing it together but it’s too thick to sew. I’m looking for some type of glue that will hold and not make a mess out of this holster.


Something like this may stay on your belt, but perhaps not so handy for easy in-out.

I use the BottleHolder as well, but never liked the velco either, though I have not had any detach-related issues.

I would suggest sewing it rather than gluing.

I purchased a small belt-clip tool/utility pouch at Orchard Supply Hardware for use as a sponge or steel wool holder. It was about five clams. I’ver used it in a pinch as a bottle holder.

Look for a similar item in a hardware store’s tool bag / carpenter’s belt section.

Larry, I may sew it, weld it, tape it, and glue it. :smiley: I’m gonna do something so I don’t have to canstantly hear that tearing sound. The one I now have is new and pretty much stays in tact (for now) but I still hear that tearing sound and feel like it’s going to fall off like my first one eventually started doing.

The Unger bottle holster would be much nicer if it was fixed loop.

You could use Gorilla glue on it.

Thanks for the link! I may order this one…

I googled Gorilla Glue. That looks like some really good glue. I’ll have to get some.

I think that uses the same velcro system.

Oh No!!! Please say that isn’t true! I’ll be sure to find out from the folks atbefore ordering the Winspray bottle holster.

Back to Gorilla glue and/or thick needle and thread if the Winspray has velcro detachable strap.

If you need to sew it use a leather needle. It is more sturdy and makes the job easier. Just check w/ any area leather stores or fabric stores.

Thanks Tony! That makes sense. I hope I can find one here in town.

When I made my BOAB for my hogshair brushes, I went to an alterations shop for the strap/quick release (I had already cut it to size and instructed them where to sew.) They charged me $5.00.

two things to fix anything: Duct tape and bailing wire! make it happen Macgyver

The third: gorilla snot.

There’s a shoe repair shop here in town that also does work on leather coats. I bet they can sew the Unger velcro loop so it will be a fixed loop.
I’ll give that a try.

Thank you all for the helpful replies!

Your right on the shoe shop but you want it vertical like your belt !!! Getthe same buckle type so that you on take the bottem off when you need too. Like route work next project take bottle off and drive !! Make 3-4 of them and you can change any of the bottem things where you want it!! I hang it in the back of my pick up box. I don;t have to dig to find it! Stan, pro window kleening

I understand what you’re saying. I want it to be a fixed loop though. I use the bottle on a belt mainly for residential interiors but sometimes on small commercial interiors.

For those times when I don’t have a bottle in the bottle holster it is really handy to hold a rag or huck in. I just want it to stay on the belt and never fall off.

Use staples or sew it using fishing line. No kidding.

I’m afraid that staples would rub against my leg or lower hip. The fishing line does sound promising. I’m going to let the shoe repair shop that I mentioned use their equipment and expertise to help me solve this problem. Hopefully it won’t be expensive at all.

Thanks for the input!

take your bottle on a belt to a shoe repair shop, they have the propper tools to sew your product. i got mine done for $14.00