Bought an Imac, now what

So feel in love with the iphone in 2010, geek out on the ipad everynight. Bought an Imac to see if all the hoopla is true.

The Imac will not be our primary work computer, but will be used to work on documents at night.

What now? What should I software should I purchase to make the transition back and forth from apple to pc easy?

Thanks in advance

I am probably going to buy the Mac Mini within a week or so. They have a program that sounded really cool “One on One” - I think it was like $99 or $150 - They will transfer all the stuff from my old computer (Geek squad charged me $100 for this alone) and give me one on one help for a year. Help with mac or Ipad.

My biggest problem is figuring out if my Dual monitors (32 inch samsung tv’s) will work the same on it without spending more $…

Sorry the name of it is “One to One”

one to one - Apple Store (U.S.)

Its the best $99 you will spend you schedule an appointment with them bring your mac in and they will work with you on how to use your mac.

“Parallels” is a program you can purchase that will allow your mac to run windows and therefore window based programs. I tired it for a few months after i got my iMac and after a few months of using it i figured if the program does not have a mac equivalent then its not worthy of a purchase. I guess I’m a little into macs though :slight_smile:

Have fun with your new mac!