Brave Browser

I stumbled across a browser called Brave. Literally the fastest browser I have ever used. It’s also got a very neat premise for ads. Rather than getting a bunch of ads crammed in your face, you voluntarily watch companies ads and you get paid in crypto currency. That’s a very simplified explanation but so far this browser is pretty incredible.


Yeah I’ve been using it for like 3 months. Can’t go back


Other browsers now feel sluggish after switching to Brave. And because it’s based on the open-source fork of Chrome, site compatibility is great and most Chrome extensions should work fine.

Just wanted to add that their ad scheme is optional and can be disabled, and I like how the built-in adblock can be toggled easily per domain.

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Yea its incredibly fast. Its nice its not bloated down with a bunch of stuff.


I like that it blocks trackers.